Panic Incited at School After Students Discuss Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Weapons, Parents Worried About Another Shooting

For parents, security of their children is a genuine concern right now. A number of school shootings in the recent past have spread panic and made everyone vigilant. Any suspicious activity is reported without a thought and it is exactly what happened at Wilson Area School District in Washington.

Comments made by a student incited panic at school to the point where parents and administration had to get involved. The student in question was discussing the weapons of Black Ops 4 aka the latest Call of Duty game. A bunch of students overheard the conversation and started spreading misinformation, triggering a panic. Such a response is natural after what happened in Florida and more recently Santa Fe.

Superintendent Douglas Wagner had to respond to the situation and after investigation, he wrote a clarification letter to the parents, a copy of which was obtained by SegmentNext.

Dear Parents,

We want to make you aware of the comments made by a high school student this morning (May 30, 2018). We feel it is important to share factual information with you because we know misinformation is spreading quickly.

This morning, the students became alarmed after overhearing a student discussing the latest version of the video game “Call of Duty.” In the discussion, the student mentioned the type of weapons used in the game. The student never made any threats and all comments were in reference to the video game. The administration has addressed the student and discussed the need for him to be aware of his interactions when in public.

Please know the safety and security of students and employees is always the District’s first priority, and the District takes these types of situations very seriously.

Douglas Wagner


The situation at the Wilson Area School District shows just how misinformation about video games is causing people to panic. The trump administration has done nothing but blame everything other than guns including video games and now even abortion for gun violence.

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