How To Cure Pal Injuries & Ailments In Palworld

Keep your Pals healthy.

Pals are what keep your base functioning through tireless hard work but even they can catch a cold or a sprain if neglected for too long. If these injuries or ailments are not treated in time, they can get worse and devolve into much more serious status ailments. This will eventually lead to your Pals having Ulcers, depression, or even a fracture, which ultimately makes them far less efficient and even unable to do any work.

If a Pal gets incapacitated you can revive it by putting it into the Palbox for a few minutes but you manually need to cure their illness to allow them to rejoin your Pal workforce. The cure depends on the type of ailment or injury suffered by the Pal and can usually be treated with one of the 3 types of medicine in Palworld.

How to Cure Pals in Palworld

To know how to cure your pal, you must first determine what sort of ailment it has in Palworld. This can be viewed by selecting a Pal from the Palbox or the base info screen when at base.

Once you know the specific ailment check the table below to see which medical supplies would be effective in curing your Pal.

Status AilmentTreatment
ColdsLow Grade Medical Supplies
SprainsLow Grade Medical Supplies
UlcersMedical Supplies
FracturesMedical Supplies
WeakenedHigh Grade Medical Supplies
DepressedHigh Grade Medical Supplies
OverfullLow Grade Medical Supplies
StarvingMake sure there is food in the Feedbox
IncapacitatedRecall to Palbox

How to get Medical Supplies

There are 3 kinds of medical supplies you can have in Palworld. All of these can either be crafted or bought from a merchant. The low-grade medical supplies are also dropped by Pals like Flopie and Vaelet.

To craft any kind of medical supplies yourself, you first need to build a Medieval Medicine Workbench and assign a Pal with Medicine Production to your base. The best Pals for this job are Lyleen or Petallia. You will need the following ingredients to make each of these 3 types of medical supplies.

Low-Grade Medical Supplies

  • Red berries x5
  • Horns x2

Medical Supplies

  • Ingots x3
  • Horns x3
  • Bone x1

High-Grade Medical Supplies

  • Ingots x5
  • Horns x5
  • Bone x2

Once you have the related medical supplies in your inventory, approach the afflicted Pal and select “More Option” and then “Feed”. Now select the right Medical Supplies and our Pal should be cured of any ailments or injuries it had in Palworld.

Palworld tips to keep your Pals healthy

Pals can easily get weakened or depressed if their sanity drops too low. To avoid this, make sure to follow a few tips and keep your Pals healthy.

  • Build at least 2 High-Quality Hotsprings
  • Always have enough food at your base
  • Occasionally some baked berries to the Feedbox from
  • Craft some High-Quality Fluffy Pal Beds
  • Keep the Workload to a manageable level
  • Monitor the sanity level of each Pal and if it drops below 75, send that Pal back to Palbox
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