P.T. ‘Silent Hill’ Walkthrough – Puzzle Solutions, Picture Pieces Locations

The recently launched PSN demo of P.T. or as Hideo Kojima called it “world’s first interactive teaser” which later turned out to be a demo for an upcoming Silent Hill game has been in discussion a lot since its reveal.

The demo delivers the horror and chills one would expect from a creation by Guillermo Del Toro but it can also be quite frustrating to finish due to the obscure puzzling nature, the character being stuck in a seemingly endless loop and all.

P.T. ‘Silent Hill’ Walkthrough

Well, have no fear because a walkthrough is here. Try out this easy walkthrough to quickly finish the demo and see what surprises wait for you at the end.

Step #1
I know it’s tempting given how it’s a horror game and all but when you start the demo, pass through the hallway without interacting with anything. At the end of the hallway there is a door after walking down the stairs, pass through that to trigger a loop. For future references let’s call this ‘loop door’

Step #2
Walk through the hallway again, trying to reach the loop door again. This time the door should be locked for you (and you should hear voices behind you, time to be scared) Start walking back to the starting point and you will hear a door on your left rattle.

Peek through the door by looking at the creek and pressing R3 to zoom in. Once you are done, the loop door should be open for you now.

Step #3
Walk down the hallway and prepare for yet another scare. Proceed through the loop door.

Step #4
As you walk through the hallway again you will notice that the door you peaked through in step 2 (bathroom door) should be open now. Walk in to the bathroom and you will notice a flashlight.

Pick it up by pressing R3. Immediately you will hear a baby cry. There will be a sink to your left with a baby fetus inside it) Look in to the mirror above the sink and the door behind you will open. Walk through it and then enter the loop door.

Step #5
The hallway would have been drastically changed now and kind of scarier. Head down the hallway to where there is a table with a radio and a photo on it.

The photo would be of a man and wife which you might have noticed earlier. This time however the photo has changed. Press R3 to zoom and locate where the X is written. Look at the X and press X on your controller and the door should open. Walk through the loop door again.

Step #6
If you look to you left while walking through the hallway you will see “Hello” written on the wall. Your goal here is to look at this word, then head to where the text ‘I can hear them calling to me from’ is located next to the front door several times.

Each time you go back and forth a letter will be removed from ‘Hello!’ and moved to the sentence at the front door. The door should open when the message reads” I can hear them calling to me from hell” Walk through the loop door again

Step #7
In this loop you will notice everything is red and there is a hole in the wall on your right, there used to be a picture there. Look through the hole by pressing R3 and listen to the audio until a message appears saying “No turning back now” Walk through the loop door again.

Step #8
This step is optional however if you are in no rush to complete the demo you can go through it. Basically you have to find six picture pieces of a lady in the hallway. Zoom in and collect them by pressing R3.

Here is where the pieces are located:

  • To the right of the teddy bear on the floor near the phone.
  • On the floor by the bottles that are directly in front of the digital clock table.
  • In the plant located to the right of the digital clock.
  • On the right side of the stairway on the second step.
  • To the upper left of the bathroom door, just left of the protruding wall space.
  • Open the options menu, and press R3.

Once all the pieces are located, pass through the loop door again.

Step #9
There are two ways to do this loop. The easy way requires you to have either the ear bud included with PlayStation, a headset or the PlayStation camera connected.

You have to listen for a woman named Lisa, she is the hallway ghost. When you see her, try saying “Hello Lisa” and you will hear a baby cry. You controller should start vibrating, at this point do not move. If done correctly you will hear the phone ringing.

Walk up to it, press R3 and hear the dialogue. Exit through the loop door.

If however you do not have a microphone or cannot use one, look at the clock and wait for it to hit 0:00 and starting making sound. While the clock is dinging, walk exactly 10 steps towards the phone until you hear the baby. This time it would be giggling instead of crying.

After you hear the first giggle, walk to the fetus in the sink and wait till you hear the second giggle. Don’t move for a few seconds and your controller will start vibrating. Continue standing still until the phone rings.

Answer the phone and walk through the loop door.

Voila! You have successfully finished the P.T Demo, check out the cutscene and wait in anticipation for the game. Step 9 can be a bit tricky and if you failed to complete it or Lisa didn’t appear, just reset the loop by walking through the door.

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