Overwatch Anniversary Event Brings 11 New Legendary Skins

Last week, Blizzard previewed four Legendary skins for the ongoing Overwatch Anniversary event. Many were led to believe those were the only new inclusions. However, as it turns out, there are eleven new Legendary skins for players to add to their cosmetic library. This makes it the largest-ever release in the game’s history.

Dune Buggy Bastion, Cruiser D.Va, Sentai Genji, Cyberninja Hanzo, Jazzy Lucio, Beekeeper Mei, Bedouin Pharah, Cyborg: 76, Oasis Symmetra, Graffiti Tracer, and Cyberian Zarya are all included in the ongoing festivities. This means that there is a chance of unlocking them randomly through the Anniversary loot boxes that will remain until the conclusion of the event. Those not interested in testing their luck will have to spend 3,000 credits to buy a single Legendary skin from that pile.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will continue celebrating until June 12. There will be a free weekend for players to test-drive all twenty-four heroes in all fourteen maps across every game mode. Any progress made during the period will be transferred over if the player decides to purchase a copy afterwards.

The Overwatch Anniversary event also brings the new Game of the Year edition to the store. It includes the digital bonuses from the previous Overwatch: Origins Edition as well as ten free loot boxes. For a limited time, both editions have been discounted. Overwatch: Game of the Year edition is available for €39.99 while the standard edition for €19.99.

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