Outward Skill Trainer Locations Guide – Unlock Special Skills

Our Outward Trainers Guide highlights all known locations of Skill Trainers in Outward. These are divided according to the regions of Skill Trainers and what class of characters they specialize in.

Outward Skill Trainer Locations

Although Skill Trainers can provide most of skills, some special skills can be obtained free from other NPCs as a result of completion of special tasks.

You can equip upto three special skills because the number of slots don’t go beyond that. Upgrading them will allow you to access the higher-tier of skills for making some real progress.

The low-level skills cost 50 Silver to purchase while those higher will be 100. Special skills, those that unlock higher levels, are purchasable for 500 and 600 in-game currency.

For copious details about skills including their cost, cooldown times, effects, and requirements, you can check out our Outward Skills Guide.

Chersonese Trainers

The city has a single Skill Trainer for Kazite Spellblade. The trainer can be found by at the Wind Cabal Temple. Take the route through the fort north of the mountain.

Chersonese also has a Cabal Wind Hermit who can help you unlock some skills.

This guy can also be found at the Cabal Temple but to access his inventory you’ll first need to activate the Wind Altars. These altars are stone pillars that have a flag hanging from them. These are situated at the following locations:

  • Next to the Wind Cabal Temple.
  • In the desert, nearby the temple located there.
  • In Enmerkar Forest, atop a wall near the Gate of Bege.
  • In the swamps region, near the temple, at the route of the Pilgrim’s Path.

Berg Trainers

This Skill Trainer specializes in training and unlocking skills for the Wild Hunter class. The location is pretty forward as the Berg area clarifies the location of the Skill Trainer in this small region.

In addition to the Skill Trainer, there’s also a Rune Sage here from whom you can purchase and equip up to four Rune Magic Skill.

Levant Trainers

Near the place situated in this region, you can find two Skill Trainers. One will be responsible for helping you unlock skills for a Mercenary class while the other deals with abilities associated with the Rogue Engineer class.

Monsoon Trainers

Once again, in this area, you can locate two Skill Trainers. If you’re either playing as the Warrior Monk class or Philosopher, you’d be happy to roam this region for unlocking skills.

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