Outriders Legendary Armor Guide

In this Outriders guide, we explain how to get legendary armor, their drop rates and a list of all the legendary armors for each class.

The best armors in Outriders are its legendary armors. Legendary armors are a step to mastering the game and creating the strongest build for your character. In this Outriders guide, we explain how to get legendary armor, their drop rates and a list of all the legendary armors for each class.

Outriders Legendary Armor

The chance of legendary armor dropping in Outriders is slight and increases with the type of enemy and your difficulty settings. Like in the early game, the captains are stronger and will have more chance of dropping loot than your average joe.

The slight chance is increased by a fixed percentage at every difficulty tier. The difficulty tiers and their increased drop rates are as follows:

World Tier Difficulty Percentage Increase in Drop Rate
01 Story 0
02 Easy 30%
03 Normal 70%
04 Hard 130%
05 Expert 215%
06 Master 285%


Before, items were available in some chests and epic gear was available at vendors, but this has been disabled. Although the Devs have assured that you don’t need to have difficulty to the max to get the best items and that you will get them naturally as you progress in the game.

Best Armor

We have divided each armor into its relevant class so that players know exactly what to expect.

Legendary Devastator Armors

Deathproof Armor Set: Reduce the cooldown of Boulderdash by 90 percent, 5-Piece Bonus

Marshal’s Armor Set: Endless Mass pulls enemies and makes them share damage,5-Piece Bonus.

Seismic Commander Armor Set: Increase damage towards enemies afflicted by bleed by 150%, 5-Piece Bonus.

Statue Armor Set: Using either tremor or golem doubles your firepower and doubles weapon skill leech for you and your teammates, 5-Piece Bonus.

Legendary Pyromancer Armors

The Reforged Armor Set – Increases Feed the Flames damage and Thermal Bomb damage by 50 percent,5-Piece Bonus

The Acari Armor Set: Every enemy damaged by heatwave grants 25% anomaly power bonus for 10 seconds, 5-Piece Bonus.

The Torturer’s Armor S/et: Triples the size of volcanic rounds damaging aura that surrounds each bullet, 5-Piece Bonus.

The Lava Lich Armor Set: Increase damage and decreases the cooldown of eruption,5-Piece Bonus.

Legendary Technomancer Armors

Torrential Downpour Armor Set: Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after initial explosion, 5-piece Bonus.

Grim Inventor Armor Set: While tool of destruction is active, every enemy hit with Pain Launcher restores 20% of ammo for both the minigun and RPG. Can happen once per one Tool of Destruction usage, 5-piece Bonus.

The Borealis Monarch Armor Set: Increase weapon damage on frozen enemies by 80%. Also, critical damage is increased for all party members for 8 seconds after using the cold snap ability, 5-piece Bonus.

The Plague Sower Armor Set: Upon applying toxic status, gain 5% damage reduction for 5 seconds, stacks up to 5 times, 5-piece Bonus.

Legendary Trickster Armors

The Chronosuit Armor Set: Reverting time replenishes ammo in your clip, 5-piece Bonus.

Trespasser Armor Set: The player can’t die inside of the Slow Trap, 5-piece Bonus.

The Ugake Otarah’s Armor Set: Hunt the prey does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator’s knife, 5-piece Bonus.

Cannonball Armor Set: Killing an enemy with melee skills replenishes ammunition on your current weapon, 5-piece Bonus.

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