Outriders First City Chest Locations Guide

In this Outriders First City Chest Locations Guide, we will be pinpointing all the chests scattered across the First City area of Outriders.

Outriders First City Chest Locations

There are a total of 13 chests that you can loot in the First City. We will be telling you about the exact location of each chest. These chests can drop scraps and other valuable loot.

Chest #1
The first chest is located in the outskirts of the First City. The chest is under the bridge, and you can reach it from the left side of the bridge.

Chest #2
The second chest is across the bridge, on the second floor of the first building, you see on the left side after crossing the bridge.

Chest #3
The third chest is at the Anomaly Hilltop. You need to look for a destroyed ramp towards the lower right side. The chest is sitting on top of that platform.

Chest #4
The fourth chest is at the First City Power Plant. Once inside, you need to head down to the power coils and then look at the top right side of the room. You should be able to spot the blue glow of the chest from afar.

Chest #5
The fifth chest can be found at the Footbridge. Go towards the white building on the left, and you should see the chest sitting on the veranda. That veranda overlooks the city as well.

Chest #6
Your next stop is the Radio Tower. Once you reach the tower area, head inside the first multi-story building on the left and go upstairs. The chest is on the second floor, towards the right side of the building.

Chest #7
The seventh chest is also near the Radio Tower. Go towards the chair lift platform and look on the right side to spot the chest. It is sitting right next to the edge of the platform.

Chest #8
The eighth chest is at the Old Man’s Hut. Once you spawn there, go right and climb down from the building to spot the chest sitting among some rubble.

Chest #9
The ninth chest is at the Hangman’s Tree. Once you are facing the huge tree, look right and go straight ahead until you see a clearing on the right side with another small tree. The chest is near the tree.

Chest #10
Go to the Container Plaza in the First City and look in the lower right sections of the area, near the fences, to spot the blue chest. The chest is sitting snuggly between a wall and yellow metal sheets.

Chest #11
Go to Main Street and take a right towards the Hangman’s Tree. You should see some stairs and a platform that overlooks the Hangman’s Tree. The eleventh chest is sitting on top of that platform.

Chest #12
The twelfth chest is located at the Boglands. You need to go to the center of the area and look for a flooded destroyed building. The chest is inside, towards the left side of this building.

Chest #13
The final chest can be found in the Boglands as well. You need to face the big white round building and then look behind you for a path going towards the left. Follow this path to reach the chest.

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