One Handed Controller Made for Both the PS4 and Xbox One

Ben Heck of element14, a console modder who builds personalized specific controllers on request, recently created a one handed controller for both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

A full walkthrough of the control will be premiering on element14 on Friday, but the video above offers a preview of the controller and it’s functioning. Heck was able to relocate the L1 and L2 buttons on the dualshock to the right side of the controller.

The left analog stick has also been moved to the back of the right side of the controller. This can be used by manipulating the control stick on your leg, to allow the controller to be used by one hand.

A one-handed controller was also built for the Xbox One, which is currently being displayed at the SXSW.

For more information on accessibility for disabled gamers, check out DAGERS, a site dedicated for Disabled Gamer Reviews and offering perspectives on Video Game Accessibility.

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