Octopath Traveler 2 Claude Boss Guide

Claude is a boss and as you will find out, the real father of Throne, in Octopath Traveler 2. You will encounter him in Throne's Chapter 4.

Claude is the last obstacle that must be eliminated to complete Chapter 4 of Throne’s story in Octopath Traveler 2. This boss is powerful due to his combination of spells and attacks.

You need to understand how this boss operates during combat. The information on all its attacks and spells will make you recognize the openings so you can exploit the Octopath Traveler 2 Claude weaknesses. However, before the combat, it is crucial to find Claude’s location in Octopath 2.

Claude location

After completing the objectives, like talking to an older man, you can use the ropeway to reach the Lostseed area. You just have to follow the cries of the baby to get to Lostseed Castle.

Upon your arrival, you will come across Claude waiting for you in the hall. The fight will take place there, and you will understand how Claude is the real father of Throne.

Claude weaknesses

You should use Axe and Stave to inflict severe damage, as the boss shows great weakness against these items. Your single attacks will deal severe damage to its HP and SP.

The elemental attacks using Lighting and Dark elements can prove fatal for the boss. You can exploit Claude’s vulnerabilities in Octopath 2 to make a quick end of the battle.

Claude special attacks

The number of special attacks that Claude has is low. But it does not mean that the boss is weak or it will be an easy fight for you. The boss can take away your primary job skills and make you very vulnerable if you lack the right secondary job skills.

Some skills cause AOE damage, so you must be careful throughout the fight.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Chained PrideAll the primary job skills are sealed for every party member.
Endurance TestMultiple chains attack to inflict some damage.
A Tempest HowlsSP reduces to 0 for all the members.
Phantom SnakeThe boss calls some enemies from your past.

How to defeat Claude in Octopath Traveler 2

The most important thing you should keep relying on during this fight is the Axe attacks by Throne. Since the boss is vulnerable to these attacks, you can use them to quickly break all of its shield points.

Claude has the ability to take away your primary job skills by using the Chained Pride. You can only get your skills back if you break the boss. It becomes crucial to have strong secondary jobs that heal you and utilize the elemental and physical attacks based on your enemy’s weaknesses. These attacks could include slash attacks using a sword or Polearm. Be quick to break the boss and regain your primary skills to finish the job.

The attacks like Draefendi’s Bow and Bewildering Grace are your best bet against the recalled enemies. Claude can use these enemies to launch the attacks, so you need skills that let you damage both enemies at the same time.

You can utilize Art of War, Aeber’s Reckoning to weak foes and destroy the ghosts recalled by the boss in a single turn.

Best party for Claude

The best party for this boss includes Ochette, as she got all the physical damage required to exploit the Octopath Traveler 2 Claude vulnerabilities. Her slash and animal attacks can take down the SP quickly, opening a chance for your team to sweep the fight.

Throne is best because of her strong Axe and Sword attacks. These attacks are significant even when your primary job skills are not working. You can easily break down enemies by combining the sword with Latent Powers.

Agnea and Partitio play their role in supporting the party members, and they can also bring out high-power attacks like Sweeping Gale and Bifelgan’s Bountry to put an end to the fight.

What else to bring to the fight?

You just have to bring some good secondary job skills along with items that boost your BP and SP. Use these items to land destructive AOE hits, as you can combine the increase in power with Latent powers.

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