How To Get Octopath Traveler 2 Battle-Tested Weapons

Battle-Tested Weapons in Octopath Traveler 2 are some of the most powerful gear you can acquire in the game. Here is how to get them!

Battle-Tested Weapons in Octopath Traveler 2 are some of the most powerful gear you can acquire in the game. Unlike the Forbidden Weapons, Battle-Tested Weapons offer no negative tradeoff in exchange for their usage.  

The catch though is that they are an extremely rare commodity, having only a 2% drop rate. Acquiring a single set of all the battle-tested equipment available in the game requires you to complete the game objectives and progress the story where you’ll be able to get them.  

Trying to acquire multiple pieces of the same Battle-Tested weapon can be tricky, however. Considering the extremely low drop rate you’ll have to farm for them.  

How to farm Battle-Tested Weapons in Octopath Traveler 2

In Octopath Traveler 2, you can typically acquire Battle-Tested Weapons in two ways. For the first time, you can simply steal them or purchase them from NPCs. The game offers you these options as you continue progressing through the story. 

When trying to find the same weapon a second time, you’ll need to target that specific NPC and either challenge or provoke them to a fight. Upon winning you have a 2% chance of acquiring a Battle-Tested item. 

The low drop rate means that you will likely need to repeat the process several times before getting the desired Battle-Tested weapon from that NPC.  

You will need two specific characters for this purpose, Hikari and Ochette. They will allow you to have multiple battles with NPCs so you can continue your grind for a Battle-Tested item. 

Depending on where you started your journey, it is likely that Ochette has become a mainstay in your party. Which means that she is going to be your desirable pick. 

Unfortunately, unlike Hikari, Ochette struggles during the challenge battles against NPCs. Her attacking ability is only limited to summoning monsters which could make the battles a tad challenging. 

To make all the NPC battles available to you, you must explore the world.  

Best items for Battle-Tested Weapons farming

The fight strategy to farm battle-tested weapons is very resource intensive. We suggest saving right before starting the battle so should you lose, you can restart without any resources lost. 

We recommend using Bottled Nightmares to cast status effects like confusion, blindness, and poison on your opponents. Continue to defend for two more turns before you can use another one. 

Using this strategy you will be able to defeat the NPC within 6 bottles as they deplete their health without you requiring to attack. 

Of course, you’ll need to stock up on a few Bottled Nightmares before attempting the battle. Each bottled nightmare costs 3000 Leaves so ensure that you have enough money.  

Head to the New Delsta Flats black market tables and cycle the day around until you see the Nun merchant available. You can head to her table on the right of the market to purchase Bottled Nightmares from her. 

Battle-Tested Weapon locations 

After winning the battle against certain NPCs, you have a 2% drop chance of acquiring Battle-Tested Weapons. Each weapon can only drop by defeating their specific NPC and no other. 

Therefore, knowing which NPCs drop the Battle-Tested Weapon that you want, and their location is important so you can farm them repeatedly. 

We have listed out all the Battle-Tested Weapons, the NPCs that have a chance to drop them, and their locations in the table below. 

Battle-Tested Shield Crestlands Montwise The Guard you find at the village entrance during the day. Look for him by the staircase  
Battle-Tested Blade Toto’haha Tropu’hopu The Young Man you find in the middle of the village during the day. Looking for by the dock area 
Battle-Tested Dagger Brightlands Clockbank The Elderly Man you find at the Top of the Pub. You will need to sneak up on him during the nighttime to knock him out and then visit again during the day. 
Battle-Tested Bow Brightlands New Delsta The Tutor that is seen standing outside the Inn on the road by the village entrance 
Battle-Tested Staff Harborlands Canalbrine The Cleric standing at the church altar. Visit during the daytime. 
Battle-Tested Axe Winterlands Cape Cold Head to the right side of the village to find the Villager NPC standing by the farthest house. 
Battle-Tested Spear Ku Hinoeuma The location of NPC is unknown, Most likely Judge who is standing outside the Timberain court. 

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