Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 Vs Nvidia Pascal Tesla P100 Compute Performance Benchmarks

The Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 is a beast of a GPU and we talked about that earlier. We talked about how the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 was better as compared to the Nvidia Pascal Tesla P100 and that gave us an idea of how much of an improvement the upcoming Nvidia Volta architecture would be as compared to the current Nvidia Pascal architecture.

Here we have some compute benchmarks that will give you a better idea of how the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 performs as compared to the previous generation P100 Pascal-based GPU. The Tesla V100 features four stacks of HBM2 memory that add up to give you 16 GB of VRAM in total. The graphics card features 5120 CUDA cores.

You can already tell that this is not a gaming GPU and you would be right in thinking so. The Tesla V100 is designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can check out the comparison between the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 and the Nvidia Pascal Tesla P100 below:

Although Nvidia has confirmed that Nvidia Volta GPUs for gaming will not be coming out this year, this kind of information gets us excited about the upcoming architecture and what kind of performance improvement it will have to offer as compared to the current and previous generation graphics cards.

Other improvements that the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 has to offer as compared to the Pascal GPU are as follows:

  • New mixed-precision FP16/FP32 Tensor Cores purpose-built for deep learning matrix arithmetic;
  • Enhanced L1 data cache for higher performance and lower latency;
  • Streamlined instruction set for simpler decoding and reduced instruction latencies;
  • Higher clocks and higher power efficiency.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia Volta Tesla V100 and whether or not you are excited about the upcoming Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs.

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