Nvidia Volta Is The ‘Most Successful Product Ever,’ According To CEO Jensen Huang

Nvidia Volta is the next generation architecture from Nvidia which has been released for the professional market but has yet to be released for consumers. In the meantime, we have got the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti as well as the Titan Xp Collectors Edition. The numbers of the third quarter just come out and the expectations of the analysts were crushed in the process.

The data center part of the business made double the money as compared to last year. $501 million in total which is a 20% increase as compared to last quarter. The revenue from the Tegra processor rose 74% as compared to the previous year to $419 million. This is mainly due to the sales of the Nintendo Switch but also due to smart car applications.

During the call with analysts, CFO Colette Kress said that sales due to cryptocurrency was down to $70 million from $150 million in the July quarter. According to CEO Jensen Huang:

Our Volta GPU has been embraced by every major internet and cloud service provider and computer maker. Our new TensorRT inference acceleration platform opens us to growth in hyperscale datacenters. GeForce and Nintendo Switch are tapped into the strongest growth dynamics of gaming. And our new DRIVE PX Pegasus for robotaxis has been adopted by companies around the world. We are well positioned for continued growth.

He also talked about Nvidia Volta being the most successful product that the company has produced so far which should get gamers hyped for next year when Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs come out. He was asked about the outlook for gaming and he said the following in this regard:

“I usually say, this is our guidance,  you know. Now, there’s a guidance matter, and there’s a fundamental market matter for us; the two are related, but they’re not always the same. We feel super bullish about our guidance.”

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