Nvidia Volta-based Gaming GPU To Be Revealed At Computex?

Word has it that we might be able to see a Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU at Computex. We have already seen a professional GPU and we might see a gaming GPU.

Nvidia Volta is the next GPU architecture that Nvidia is bringing to the table after the very successful Pascal architecture. We have seen the professional series Volta GPUs that were announced recently but we have yet to see an Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU from the company. Word has it that we might be able to see a Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU at Computex.

If you think about it, it is very much possible. We know that AMD will be showcasing the new AMD Vega GPUs at Computex 2017 and we have also heard about the custom AMD Vega GPUs being a part of the event as well. This means that Nvidia might also be revealing at least one Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU at the event.

Another thing that is very interesting is that Nvidia has announced that the companies Computex press conference will be held a day before AMD, so this could be another indication of something big headed our way. It will be interesting to see Volta based gaming GPUs at Computex but people that just recently bought a Pascal GPU might be pissed.

Insiders are claiming that there will indeed be a GPU announcement of some sort but they have not confirmed what kind of a GPU we can expect to see. From what we know and the hints that we are getting I am confident that this will indeed be a Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU.

The main thing to see will be whether this will be a mainstream GPU or an enthusiast GPU. We have seen leaks regarding a Volta-based Titan GPU but it seems unlikely that Nvidia will release another Titan GPU so soon keeping in mind that the Titan Xp was introduced just recently.

Let us know whether or not you think we will be getting a Nvidia Volta-based gaming GPU at Computex this year.


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