NVIDIA 364.47 Driver Problems Reported, Causing System Crashes

NVIDIA driver 364.47 problems are being reported by people who try to install it. It may be best to hold off downloading until a fix is found.

It appears that there may be NVIDIA driver 364.47 problems for some PC gamers. Even though they will improve performance for the newly released games, it may be best holding off on the install.

When new games are released, it is usual for NVIDIA to release their drivers. This is exactly what has happened with their GeForce Game Ready 364.47 drivers. The drivers released today are optimised for The Division, Need for Speed, Hitman, and Ashes of the Singularity. Also mentioned is added Vulkan support.

The problem is though that once installed, some people appear to be finding their computers no longer boot successfully. This can be seen on Reddit where users are reporting problems with a selection of cards ranging from the seven series cards up to nine.

Looking at the NVIDIA forums, other users are reporting similar NVIDIA driver 364.47 problems. One user states that they are able to boot Windows with the default display drivers:

“As a side note, I am able to boot windows normally and it works fine, however it is only using the built in default display drivers so no gaming for me atm“

Obviously this highlights that the problem is in the actual NVIDIA drivers. This is why it may be best to hold off installing these drivers. I have managed to install the drivers, thankfully without any issues but it seems that I may have been one of the lucky ones.

It this is a big enough of an issue for users NVIDIA will obviously react quickly to fix the drivers and get everybody running. They may even be able to provide users with a quick workaround if necessary.

Have you experienced any of these NVIDIA driver 364.47 problems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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