Northgard Building Guide – How To Expand, Scouting Huts, Markets, Town Halls, Collecting Resources

Before you can build these structures and expand your territories, there are some important elements that you must keep in mind. We have curated this Northgard Building Guide so that you can quickly understand all there is to know about building structures and expanding your town.

Northgard Building

Building structures and expanding base is one of the most vital mechanics of Northgard. You will construct different types of structures to sustain your town. These structures are vital for your town, as they will help your town people perform different tasks and stay happy. As you grow and expand your town, you will also be required to protect them.

Below you will find some important tips and tricks relating to structures and base expansion. With the help of this Northgard Building Guide, you will be able to easily expand your base and build different structures to cater to the current requirements of your town people.

Expanding Territory

Before you can build more structures, it is vital that you explore more areas to expand your territories. Each tile of land allows you to construct just three buildings. This is very low and initial tile will already have your Town Hall built on it so you can only build two more structures with it. It is vital that you expand your territory as soon as possible because you will need to build more units and more structures to cater to the needs of your people.

The best way to expand your towns is by creating small districts dedicated to one type of production. This will make it easy for you to manage all your structures, make the resource collection easier and make you look more organized. You can build military districts at the boundaries and production structures inside for added protection.

Build Scouting Huts

Scouting Huts should be one of your first buildings to be built. They will give your scouts that will explore the world around you and discover new areas and resources. You can then expand to these lands by purchasing them first using food. As you keep discovering new lands, you will also discover new and more resources around your town.

Scouting Huts are not that expensive but still refrain from building too many as a few will suffice. Each Scouting Hut can have three scouts at one time so you can send them to three different areas to look for new areas and resources. These scouts will also help you colonize these newly discovered areas.

Build Markets

Markets are vital for your town. You can trade a number of resources using these markets. They also serve as a central hub for all your economic needs. You can sell your extra resources and buy some resources as well if you seem to be running low on them. Markets are useful in winters when there is a shortage of food. You can head to the market and buy some food instantly.

Build Town Halls

Once you have reached a certain level of happiness and more people are not able to move in your town, it is time for you to construct additional town halls. They will not only give you more storage space but will also allow more people to move in your town once the happiness level has increased.

Avoid Building Near Enemies

Apart from defensive structures, make sure that you are not expanding your production capabilities near to your enemy. They will be an easy target for your enemies and one of the ways they can hurt you plenty is by disrupting your resource supply. Build your resource collection structures in safe zones where enemies will have a difficult time getting to them.

Keep Exploring

Make sure that your scouts are always busy. Apart from the auto-scouting, give them commands yourself as it will increase their movement speed. Explore as much as possible to increase the opportunities to expand to a better tile. It also gives you a competitive edge, as the nearby tiles will be visible to you so you can see enemy movement before they come close to your town.

Be Mindful of Your Resources

You must keep a check on your resources and plan your expansion accordingly. Explore the areas first and look in each area which resource is easily available there. This will give you an idea about which structure you should build to utilize these resource sites.

You can build Hunter’s Lodge, Quarries, mines and other useful structures. Make sure they are built near the resource sites so that the resource collection time is minimized. In addition, building silos near them give the production structures a boost. This increases production but also gives you a place to store extra resources.

The silos are vital if you want to survive through the winter, as you will have to stock up great amounts of food for winters. Silos not only store food but also other resources such as wood, stone and iron. Try to build one near each production site.

This concludes our Northgard Building Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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