Another Norman Reedus Video Game Could Be Happening With Hideo Kojima

In a recent video, the possibility of a new Norman Reedus video game made by Hideo Kojima was presented by Norman Reedus himself.

The possibility of another Norman Reedus video game with Hideo Kojima just went up. On a recent video, Norman Reedus stated that his partnership with Kojima will continue. This suggests that he will either be in a Death Stranding 2 or another new Kojima Productions video game.

Wired just posted a video on YouTube in which Norman Reedus answers the internet’s most searched questions about him. The Walking Dead star was asked why he took part in Death Stranding. He stated Hideo Kojima called him and he ended up being friends with him. Reedus then went on to say:

We did Death Standing which was a huge hit and we are in talks to do other stuff.

As soon as Norman Reedus uttered these words, fans hoped that Hideo Kojima would resurrect Silent Hills. A Norman Reedus video game based on the survival-horror or the horror genre would definitely make big bucks. Especially when it will be backed up by Hideo Kojima who is considered a video game genius.

Hideo Kojima released a playable teaser known as P.T in 2014. The teaser blew up instantly and fans even called it the best horror game of all time.

Despite the fact that is was a teaser for Silent Hills, the teaser had enough content to be called a minigame. Fans expected something revolutionary with Silent Hills which was set to star Norman Reedus as the protagonist. Unfortunately, Kojima had a falling out with Konami and Silent Hills never got to see the light of day.

Even if Hideo Kojima doesn’t consider going back to Silent Hills, a Norman Reedus video game in the horror genre would definitely be the next best thing. However, “other stuff” could very well be a reference to a sequel for Death Standing.

In any case, we are glad that Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima are continuing their partnership. Their collaboration always has the potential for something groundbreaking.

We remind you that Kojima Productions is working on a Death Stranding X Half-Life crossover. On top of that Hideo Kojima just teased Death Stranding’s photo mode for the PlayStation 4.

We remain hopeful that movie director Guillermo del Toro collaborates with Reedus and Kojima for a horror game. It would definitely be something that we haven’t seen before like Death Stranding.