Voice Chat Not Coming to League of Legends, Previous Report Was False

Riot Games has cleared the air by confirming that recent reports about voice chat functionality coming to League of Legends should not be believed.

Last week, a post on Reddit claimed that the feature is being internally tested by the South Korean branch of Riot Games. The source was deemed legitimate at the time because it was an employee.

However, it was revealed afterward that Jon “Janook” Stein‏ no longer works at Riot Games, and has since then joined Immortals as its vice president of product and marketing. In addition, he confirmed that his older account was comprimised to make “fake posts” on the official forums.

According to Phillip “Costy” Costigan, support for in-game voice chat is not being worked on by the company at this time and should not be expected by the community to arrive any time soon.

While this does not mean that the developer is against the idea, it currently has other priorities that does not include being able to talk to team members during a game. Hence, any further rumors or reports about the studio working on the feature should be disregarded.

Last week, writer Ryan “Cactopus” Rigney shared a road-map of the company’s future plans. It contained a long list of features and changes inbound for the new League of Legends client by the end of the year. However, it made no mention of voice communications.

Among upcoming new features is a separate tab to showcase all skins purchased, descriptions for summoner icons, and an in-store preview of chroma packs before purchasing. The ability to spectate high-elo games is also being looked at but is at the bottom of the studio’s priority list.

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