There Will Be No Battlefield 1 Commander System: DICE Explains Why

DICE’s General Manager, Patrick Bach, has explained the reason behind why DICE chose to not include Battlefield 1 Commander System.

Fans of the Battlefield franchise were excited when DICE revealed the game to be set in World War 1, as players were asking for a World War setting for quite some time. However, fans were not exactly thrilled to learn that there will be no Battlefield 1 Commander System . Now, DICE has explained the reason behind the decision.

Speaking with Metro UK, DICE’s General Manager, Patrick Bach, revealed why Battlefield 1 Commander System was removed. It was featured in the previous games in the franchise.

He said that Commander System in Battlefield 1 did not made any sense because of its World War 1 setting, as back then this kind of overview was not present.

We actually removed it, first of all because it didn’t make much sense in a historical context, because it didn’t really work that way – they didn’t really have that kind of overview.

He further said that the developers were kind of confused at first while excluding the Commander System. But they wanted to give players a tactical choice to do more things with their squad instead of relying on someone who has a different view.

But also we wanted to, and this goes back to chicken and egg – what came first – the game or the setting? We actually said that we want to take a lot of those strategic things and push them down onto the battlefield. And making sure that you have more tactical choice as a soldier, where you can do more things with your squad. Rather than relying on someone who has a different view on things. So that was kind of a tactical choice for us.

Recently, Battlefield German community manager revealed the release window for Battlefield 1 Open Beta. According to him he open beta will start shortly after Gamescom 2016.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however, members of the EA Access can play the game from October 18.

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