Nioh Sekigahara Mansion Walkthrough

Nioh Sekigahara Mansion walkthrough will guide you through the entire mission and will help you on how to defeat the Otani Yoshitsugu and Shima Sakon boss battles.

Sekigahara mission in Nioh is a fairly simple and a short one, however, you will have to face two bosses in this mission. While these bosses are themselves quite easy compared to other but don’t be too confident as one little slip and Otani Yoshitsugu and Shima Sakon will bring the pain with their attacks.

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Nioh Sekigahara Mansion

The Sekigahara mission in Nioh begins with a powerful story cutscene and when the mission starts, go straight ahead towards the first shrine.

From the shrine go left and keep following the path and you will find a corpse along the way. Continue down the path and keep to your right, down the path you will find a soldier. Defeat the soldier and continue onward.

Take your first left along the path and you will find two more Warriors by the scaffolding.


Defeat them and continue on and cross the plank bridge to get to the other side where you will find another warrior. Take it out and head left and then take a sharp right around the fencing.

You will come to a series of cloth walls and be careful of the enemies as they will ambush you.

You will make a left through the opening and a cutscene will trigger and after that, you will face Otani Yoshitsugu.

Otani Yoshitsugu Boss

Otani Yoshitsugu is a fairly easy boss to defeat and most of his attacks are either weak or too easy to dodge.

The only time Otani Yoshitsugu gets dangerous or more aggressive is when his sword turns blue, as he can one-hit kill you with powerful projectiles in this state.

In this state, you will have to deplete Otani Yoshitsugu’s Ki by attacking him so that he would return to his normal state.

While facing him in his aggressive state it would be best to keep a low stance so you can dodge him better.

For the rest of the fight, you can either use the low stance or the medium stance and spear works best against Otani Yoshitsugu so try and use it.

Try to get behind him and land a few attacks before backing off, and when he is stunned use this opportunity to deal a great deal of damage.

It is to be noted that you can’t use grapples/finishers on Otani Yoshitsugu. Repeat these steps and you will have little trouble defeating him.

Once you have defeated him a cutscene will play, once it is done, exit the arena and follow the bannerman left and then head down the path to the far right.

Loot the corpse that you will find along the way and further ahead you will find a ladder, kick it down to open up a shortcut.

Now backtrack your steps and take the sharp right to go the next path down and cross the bridge to the left to enter the fray.

Either you can kill the enemies and explore the areas or just move ahead across the battlefield, however, watch out for flaming arrows and the enemies in the area as there will be a lot of them. Keep progressing straight and you will come across a stream.

Follow the stream to the left and then take the path to the left around the enemy lines. Keep heading straight and you will find a ramp heading into a circular arena.

Drop into this arena and a cutscene will trigger and you will face the Shima Sakon.

Shima Sakon Boss

Shima Sakon is the final test of Nioh’s Sekigahara mission. Shima Sakon uses a spear and he performs the leg sweep move quite often so be careful of it. Either dodge him or keep your distance from Shima Sakon and wait for his attack to miss.

Once he misses, attack him and then back off. Press Square, Square, Square, Triangle and keep doing it until you are out of KI.

You can spam Shima Sakon with this combo, as if he is hit by one of your strikes then he can’t block himself and you can just keep hitting him.

Also, make sure you are using the “Pole Kick” skill otherwise he will be able to defend himself. After dealing a significant amount of damage, he will activate his living weapon. When he does, do not try to block him instead just dodge him and attack him to deplete his KI.

After you dodge when Shima Sakon attacks get behind him and land 1-2 strikes until he gets stunned and you can again spam him with Pole Kick skill again.

Repeat these steps and you will be able to defeat him in no time.

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