Nioh The Demon King Revealed Walkthrough

This Nioh walkthrough will take you through the The Demon King Revealed mission so you can make it to the boss battles and will help with Onryoki, Hino-Enma, Joro-Gumo, Nue, Oda Nobunga, Edward Kelley, and Yamata-no-Orochi Boss battles.

This is the ultimate trial of your skills in Nioh. So, everything you have learned till now will come in handy and this is going to be a hard trial so be prepared.

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Nioh The Demon King Revealed

As The Demon King Revealed mission begins, make your way up and rest at the shrine and prepare for the ultimate test of your combat skills in Nioh.

However, you will have some allies with you that will help you go through this mission. Go left from the shrine and cross the narrow rock bridge.

Kill the enemy standing by the crystal and begin making your way up the stairs.

You will come to a house that you can walk through and then head outside along a narrow ledge, but beware the enemy who lies in wait. From here you can head left across another stone bridge.

Proceed ahead past the steps to your left and cross the stone bridge. At the other end, you will come to a spot where an Amrita fiend will be waiting for you.

Defeat it and head left up the ramp and into the house. Head left down the hallway and take a right to exit.

Keep going ahead and you will find a ladder that will take you up. Head up and follow this path as it winds back around to the left to come to a stone platform.

Drop down from these series of platforms and you will come to a house with a Yoki at the right. Defeat it and head up the stairs to its right to come to a courtyard with a shadow realm ahead.

A Raven Tengu will emerge from the shadow realm and beyond a One-Eyed Oni, Onyudo and a Yoki.

Here you companions will come in handy and take these enemies out one at a time. It is important that you focus your less so that you would not get swarmed.

After killing them open the double doors and this is as far as your allies can go with you.

GO through the long stone bridge and carefully take it all the way up and to the stone steps and open the double doors to enter the house.

There will be a shrine just ahead to your right, rest here and prepare yourself.

From the shrine head right to reveal a shadow realm yokai and defeat it. Open the double doors and cross the stone bridge ahead and open the next set of double doors where you will face the first boss of The Demon King Revealed mission.

Onryoki Boss

Onryoki is a fairly straightforward boss and given that you have faced it before you will have no trouble defeating it.

As long as your equipment load is green and you’re in the low stance, you should easily be able to dodge most of his Onryoki’s attacks without ever running out of Ki.

For this boss battle, you either need to dodge and get behind him or strafe around him until you’re safe at the back.

Once you’re successfully behind him, land a couple of quick hits and block the follow-up chain attack.

Stick to this simple strategy and you will be able to defeat the Onryoki.

Once it is defeated go right and open the next set of double doors. Cross the stone bridge to the other side and enter the house and head left down the main hall. Defeat the Yoki and open up the double doors beyond it. Cross the next stone bridge and open the doors to face the Hino-Enma.

Hino-Enma Boss

The first thing that you need for this boss battle is a melee weapon with good range. The main strategy behind beating Hino-emma is to maintain a safe distance, avoid getting hit by her combo, land 2-3 hits, rinse and repeat.

One important thing to bear in mind is that her ranged attack can leave you paralyzed; allowing her to dish out a massive amount of damage in about no time.

Just make sure that you avoid the long-ranged attack and find openings.

As long as you’re successfully dodging her long-ranged attacks and combo, she wouldn’t be able to do much against you.

After defeating the Hino-Enma enter the next double doors, cross the stone bridge and into the house.Go left down the hallway and take out the shadow realm yokai.

Open the next pair of doors and cross the next stone bridge and open the doors to face the Joro-Gumo.


Immediately after the battle against Joro-Gumo starts, get behind her. You can either roll directly behind her or strafe along the sides while locked onto her. Joro-Gumo’s weak spot is its rear so you need to get behind her.

After landing a few hits, she’ll try to protect her exposed weak point. During this position, get to the front side and land a couple of strikes before backing away.

This is all that you need to do in order to deal a massive amount of damage.

Once you get her to low HP, she’ll get more aggressive and will start to deal a whole lot of damage.

The basic strategy essentially remains the same, but if you’re having trouble dodging her attacks; call in your Guardian Spirit and be done with her before she has a chance to react. Keep following these steps and you will be able to defeat her.

Once the Joro-Gumo has been defeated make your way through the double doors and follow the path to face your next foe the Nue.

Nue Boss

Nue is a challenging boss that resembles a giant electric dog. Like many bosses in the game, the key to defeat Nue is to dodge and strike in the small attack window. Nue has various attacks and many make use of the lightning.

He can also spit lightning from his mouth, summon a ball of lightning that will follow you around in the area or roll at you.

When Nue rolls, dodge out of his way and then go in for a couple of strikes. Usually, you will be able to strike him three times and then back-off.

Do not attack Nue until he rolls at you as he will be vulnerable for a few seconds once it rolls. This is when you will be able to attack him with minimum risk of death.

When Nue has taken enough damage, it will start to spray poison at you. While the poison attack is easy to dodge but you need to be close to Nue.

Once he is done spraying poison at you, you will get a chance to land a few strikes at him. Just repeat these steps until you have defeated Nue.

After defeating the Nue proceed ahead through the doors and follow the path to face your next foe in The Demon King Revealed mission which is “Oda Nobunga”.

Oda Nobunga

Oda Nobunga uses a sword and all types of elemental magic to enhance his weapon. A spear in a mid-stance is recommended. Dodge its attacks and given the opportunity attack him.

This will drain his KI very quickly and you can follow up to a powerful finisher. When Oda Nobunga’s Ki is low keep hitting him to break his guard.

Once his health drop to 25%, Oda Nobunga Boss battle will end in a cutscene. Then head ahead and you will find a shrine to your right. Rest here and prepare for the next boss battle.

Take the hallway around and go up the stairs to come to another set of double doors. Open the door and you will face off against our nemesis, Edward Kelley.

Edward Kelley Boss

Edward Kelly is a fairly easy boss to beat and his Ki can be depleted quite easily. To face Edward a spear in the medium stance is recommended.

Keep attacking him and once he takes out the shield dodge away. He always follows up with a grapple after blocking your attacks. When he misses you can attack again.

Edward Kelly can also summon the snake spirit and it comes flying towards you. Run away until the spirit disappears.

He will also use sword attacks sometimes but they aren’t so deadly. Keep repeating these steps and you will defeat him.

This time after his defeat he will escape the fray and a cutscene will play. You will now face off against the largest enemy to this point, Yamata-no-Orochi.


Yamata-no-Orochi is the last main boss in Nioh and after defeating him the ending cutscene will play.

Yamata-no-Orochi is a giant hydra and each of its head has a different elemental effect but they all do the same moves. This fight will take place on a rooftop.

In order to defeat Yamata-no-Orochi, you will have to destroy each head. You will have to find a weak spot where the hydra can’t hit you properly and roughly 15-20 meters/yards is a good distance.

When the head moves, he is about to attack so run away and if the attack fails then and only then you will be able to attack him.

Once the attack fails run towards him and attack him in a high stance for maximum damage. Most of the Yamata-no-Orochi attacks can’t be blocked so dodging and running is recommended.

Destroy the hydra heads in clockwise order, as this way you won’t be trapped between two heads. Repeat these steps until you have defeated the Yamata-no-Orochi.

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