Nioh Sub Missions Guide

Nioh side missions are quests that are not required to finish the game. You must, however, complete these Sub Missions if you wish to ‘Platinum’ the game. In our Nioh Sub Missions guide we will walk you through every side-mission in the game to earn a ton of rewards and attain 100% game completion status

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Nioh Sub Missions

Each region in the game features some Sub Missions which vary in difficulty. There are some missions which require you to simply find an item or two and then there are some which pit you again multiple enemies and even bosses.

Kyushu Region

Death to Bandits
Recommended Level: 10
Rewards: Young Samurai’s Locks x1, Lightning Amulet x4, Bandit Axe, and Minoden Dual Tachi

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of Isle of Demons.

It basically tasks you to take out the Bandit Leader who is no pushover. To do so, you need to head all the way to beginning – towards the first Shrine. Once there, you should be able to spot the Bandit Leader inside a house with another companion.

Try to snipe the companion and take on the fight one-on-one. The Bandit Leader essentially fights like a rogue, but has a larger HP pool.

You need to make sure that you avoid his combo strings and then land all your attacks. As long as you don’t get hit by his combo, you should be good. Eliminate the Bandit Leader in order to complete this simple sub mission.

Wreathed in Flame
Recommended Level: 13
Rewards: Hyottoko Mask x1, Kayaku-dama x3, Spirit Iron Chunk x2, and Mikazuki Kusarigama

This sub mission is received from Okatsu after the completion of Deep in the Shadows.

After arriving in the burning village, try to scale the rooftops in the area and you should easily be able to spot a new type of enemy – the fire wheel demon, I like to call them.

Your task is as simple as it can get! All you need to do is to get rid of these wheel demons and you should complete the mission.

Finders Keepers
Recommended Level: 15
Rewards: Prostrate Gesture, Ikkoku Nagayoshi Spear Earth, Smithing Text: The Ragin Bull Armor, and The Raging Bull: Hizayoroi

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of Deep in the Shadows and tasks you to find a sword.

The sword in question is in the possession of a rare monster who tries to flee at the sight of you. After starting the mission, try to get rid of all enemies in the area and then look for a yokai with its back glowing.

This is the enemy that you need to kill in order to retrieve the sword and complete the sub mission.

Kanbei and the Overlord
Recommended Level: 18
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Mizuchi, Heshikiri Hasebe, Smithing Text: Heshikiri Hasebe, and Legendary Strategist’s Garb: Kinu

Once you’ve successfully completed Finders Keepers sub mission, you’ll unlock this one.

After starting the mission, you need to proceed towards the beginning of the area – where the locked boss room is located. Once you get to the area, continue to eliminate the enemies that spawn in the area till you receive a key as an item drop.

Once you’ve found the key, the mission will conclude.

A Request from Ginchiyo
Recommended Level: 21
Rewards: Smithing Text Raikiri, Summoner’s Candle x1, and High Quality Wood x5

This sub mission unlocks after the completion of The Spirit Stone Slumbers and tasks you to find an item.

After accepting the sub mission, head to your right-hand side and you should be able to see a long set of stairs leading up with a boulder resting up top. There’s a room at the top of the stairs with a chest inside that contains the item you need in order to complete the mission.

However, according to some players, it’s possible for the chest to appear in another location which is random.

Invitational from the Warrior of the West
Recommended Level: 21
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Paired Raiken, Young Samurai’s Locks x1, and Spirit Iron Chunk x2

This sub mission becomes available after the completion of A Request from Gincho and tasks you to beat Tachibana Muneshige.

This boss is incredibly agile, deals a massive amount of damage, and can quickly close in the distance. Keeping these things in mind, I recommend a weapon with a fairly decent range in mid stance so that you don’t run of Ki easily.

You need to maintain a safe distance from him and let him do his 3-4 hit combo. To dodge, you can either strafe back or simply dash backward. However, make sure to remain in range to land your own hits.

Similar to other boss battles in the game, if you manage to deplete his Ki, he’ll be open for stagger. Lastly, if you see him rolling his weapon in the air, quickly get behind a pillar in the room to avoid taking damage.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the strategy above applies to both the fights i.e. during the side-mission and the main mission.

Chugoku Region

The Guardian of the Underworld

Recommended Level: 25
Rewards: Smithing Text: Yokai Water Pot, Young Onmyo Mage’s Locks x1, Spirit Iron Fragment x6, Wind Amulet x3, 13700 Gold.

The Three Angry Gods

Recommended Level: 31
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Isonade, Guardian Spirit Daiba-washi, Young Ninja’s Locks x 1, Highest Quality Iron Kozane x 4, 12000 Gold

In this sub quest, you will be fighting with three different enemies. First target Is Onyudo. After you defeat all the Gods, you will receive the rewards mentioned above.

The Magatama of Fire

Recommended Level: 34
Rewards: High Quality Tamahagane x4, Quality Ingot x6, Quality Wood x6, 12400 Gold.

The Bridge of Bone

Recommended Level: 38
Rewards: Gesture Stife a Laugh, Smithing Text: Sticky PotYoung Samurai’s Locks x1, 18100 Gold.

Heir to the Nioh

Recommended Level: 43
Rewards: Guardian Spirit: Hi-Nezumi, Furiwakegami Hiromitsu, Smithing: Furiwakegami Hiromitsu, Master Samurai’s Locks x1, 16600 Gold.

The Conspirators:

Recommended Level: 45
Rewards: Guardian Spirit: Aya-komori, Atagi Sadamune (WATER), Atagi Sadamune, Kingo’s Armor, 18700 Gold.

In this sub quest, you will be on a beach of shipwrecks and you will see a large structure in the distance. Head to cliff wall and continue towards the left until you reach the building. From here, go inside the ship and sneak onto the deck upstairs.

In the upper cabin, you will be ambushed by two ninjas. Defeating them will spawn a Yoki. Defeat him to end the mission.

Secrets of the Dead

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: ACCESSORIES (Divine or below), Divine Fragment x2, Highest Quality Ingot x6, 65600 Gold

Kinki Region

The Ogress

Recommended Level: 42
Rewards: Master Ninja’s Locks x1, Highest Quality Wood x3, High-Quality Lacquer x3, 15300 Gold

At the start of the mission, you will be in front of a large temple. Head to the left side to reach a dweller. Defeat it and then continue down the path. Kill the Yoki that spawns and then continue to the Arches.

Head out the door towards the fence. There will be another dweller there. Head into the next area. Here you will face several enemies. Defeat them all to complete the mission.

The Battle of Ohashi Bridge

Recommended Level: 45
Rewards: Gesture Nioh Stance (RESOLUTE), Shura’s War Axe (Wind), Book of Reincarnation x1, Spirit Iron Chunk x2, 13200 Gold

This is a mini boss fight which you will have to complete. This will be a long fight against the Ghost Warrior. The warrior uses an axe throughout the entire battle and will use ranged weapons when you’re far away. Do not try to unload full combos into him because not all attacks will stagger him, making hit and run tactics viable.

The Disappearing Ranjatai

Recommended Level: 49
Rewards: Sandalwood Splinter x1, Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro (Fire), Master Onmyo Mage’s Locks x1, 16400 Gold

Demon Hunting

Recommended Level: 52
Rewards: Red Demon Armor: Kabuto Red Demon Armor: Kote, 18300 Gold.

In this quest, you will be facing off against Onryoki. Defeat him to complete the mission!

The Malefactors:

Recommended Level: 56
Rewards: Yogarusu Kusarigama (WATER), Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro, Summoner’s Candle, 18500 Gold

The Red Oni of the li

Recommended Level: 58
Rewards: Red Demon Armor, Shinobi Box x1, Spirit Iron Chunk x2, 730 Gold

This is another mini boss sub quest. You will be facing off against Li Naomasa. Spear weapon will be very useful in this mission. Use the spear in high stance and spam Spearfall when your reach maximum Ki.

The Fallen Onmyo Mages

Recommended Level: 65
Rewards: Sacred Ash, Young Onmyo Mage’s Locks x2, Himorogi Branch x1 22200 Gold.

The Missing Catalog

Recommended Level: 67
Rewards: Saika Clan Armor, Shinobi Box x1, Spirit Iron Chunk x2, 24800 Gold

Greater Demon Hunting

Recommended Level: 70
Rewards: Doji-kiri Yasutsuna, Saisetsu-shin’s Sake, 2170 Gold

This is another Boss fight sub quest. In this mission, you will be facing Onryoki again, but he’ll be much powerful this time. The health and damage of this iteration has been incerased dramatically, making this a fight of endurance.

Of Withered Grass and Yokai

Recommended Level: 71
Rewards: Tengu Visor, Spirit Iron Fragment x8, 24000 Gold

Two in the Shadows

Recommended Level: 145
Rewards: DUAL SWORDS (Divine or below), RIFLE (Divine or below), Light Armor (Divine or below)    , 53900 Gold


Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: KUSARIGAMA (Divine or below), BOW (Divine or below), AXE (Divine or below), 65600 Gold

Tokai Region

The Three Souls

Recommended Level: 65
Rewards: Woman’s Face Visor, Small Soulstone x3, Earth Amulet x3          , 22200 Gold

A Fiercer Flame

Recommended Level: 73
Rewards: Magatama, High-Quality Ingot x5, 24600 Gold

The Trail of the Master

Recommended Level: 79
Rewards: Highest Quality Tamahagane x4. Whetstone x2, Hyottoko Mask x2, 26500 Gold

In this mission, you will be helping out Tome. Tomeis worried about a man trapped in a cell and wants you to check on him. Follow the checkpoint to find the man and talk to him to complete the mission. He can be found at the Blacksmith afterwards.

The Seven Good Tidings

Recommended Level: 80
Rewards: Gesture KODAMA DANCE, Kodama Bowl, Inhabited Kodama Bowl x7, High-Quality Wood x6, 23700 Gold

The Okehazama Incident

Recommended Level: 84
Rewards: Gesture SHOO, Master Samurai’s Locks x1, Smithing Text: Yokai Incense, Earth Omamori Charm, 29900 Gold.

The Rising Shadows

Recommended Level: 88
Rewards: O-Kanehira & Uguisu-maru (Lightning), Smithing Text: Shinobi Box, Highest Qualit Lacquer x5, 34600 Gold

The Giant Frog Brawl

Recommended Level: 91
Rewards: Master Ninja’s Locks x1, Yokai Water Pot x1, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x5, 2410 Gold

The Two Masters

Recommended Level: 145
Rewards: SPEAR (Divine or below), ACCESSORIES (Divine or below), Medium Armor (Divine or below), 53900 Gold


Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: SWORD (Divine or below), Heavy Armor (Divine or below), SPEAR (Divine or below), 65600 Gold

Sekigahara Region

The Unrepentant Thief

Recommended Level: 91
Rewards: Braided Straw Kabuto, Highest Quality Leather Cord x5, Water Amulet x1, 31000 Gold

The Silent Crow

Recommended Level: 92
Rewards: Bellowing Tenryu, Highest Quality Wood x4, 30300 Gold

In this mission, you will have to collect Tiles ‘I’, ‘Ro’ and ‘Ha’ from enemies and containers in the area. After collecting all the tiles, return to the Shrine and open the Wooden door to face the boss Hino-Enma. Defeat her to complete the mission.

The Champion of the East

Recommended Level: 93
Rewards: Guardian Spirit Shinka, Tombo-Kiri (Wind), Prayer Beads, 1610 Gold

In this mission, you will face off against Honda Tadakatsu. After you defeat him, he will go down on a knee, accepting his defeat. This will trigger a cutscene and then the mission will be completed.

Desperate Retreat

Recommended Level: 105
Rewards: Gesture WARRIOR’S OATH, Sohaya Tsurigi (EARTH), Sohaya Tsurigi, Greater Good Armour, 40700 Gold

Kuroda’s Determination

Recommended Level: 107
Rewards: Gesture PLAY DEAD, Ichi-no-Tani Kabuto, Smithing Text: Ikkoku Na*****oshi Spear, Highest Quality Tamahagane x6, 34800 Gold

In this mission, you will be fighting against waves of monsters that have arrived due to a Yokai Infestation. In the first wave, you will have to defeat many Dwellers and Skeleton. In the second wave, you will face off against Two Tengus. And in the last wave, you will have to defeat Onryoki. After you clear all the waves, the mission will be completed.

The Demon’s Daughter

Recommended Level: 113
Rewards: Scorpionfish Kabuto, Highest Quality Ingot x5, Highest Quality Lacquer x4, 51600 Gold

The Watcher in Darkness

Recommended Level: 115
Rewards: Spirit Iron Chunk x2, Highest Quality Leather Cord x5, 37200 Gold.

In this mission, your goal will be to collect the 4 Kodama present in the mission area. After you collect all 4 Kodama, return to the starting house and challenge the boss ‘Saika Magoichi’ to a fight. Defeat him to end the mission.

Master of the Twin Blades

Recommended Level: 117
Rewards: Saisetsu-shin’s Sake x2, Dual Wooden Swords, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x4, 6340 Gold

Omi Region

The Mountain of Remorse

Recommended Level: 124
Rewards: Vengeful Spirit Visor, Highest Quality Lacquer x5, 37900 Gold

The Ghosts of Sawayama

Recommended Level: 130
Rewards: Hinomotogo, Summoner’s Candle x1, Spirit Iron Fragment, 41700 Gold

The Inheritance

Recommended Level: 132
Rewards: Bellflower Kabuto, Highest Quality Iron Kozane x5, 42300 Gold

The Two Kings: Nioh

Recommended Level: 139
Rewards: Highest Quality Tamahagane x5, Highest Quality Ingot x5 , 21300 Gold

A Meeting on The Other Shore

Recommended Level: 141
Rewards: Yokai Water Pot x1, Fan, Spirit Iron Chunk x4, 15820 Gold

Restless Spirits

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: Heavy Armor (Divine or below), Highest Quality Leather Cord x6, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x6, 200000 Gold

The Return of the Gourd

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: WEAPONS (Divine or below), ARMOR (Divine or below), Large Soulstone x1, 73800 Gold

Tea-Time Entertainment

Recommended Level: 145
Rewards: AXE (Divine or below), BOW (Divine or below), SPEAR (Divine or below), 53900 Gold

Hyakki Yagyo

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: Medium Armor (Divine or below), ACCESSORIES (Divine or below), Demon’s Horn x1, 65600 Gold

Night Falls Again

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: Light Armor (Divine or below), ACCESSORIES (Divine or below), HAND CANNON (Divine or below), 65600 Gold.

Tohoku Region Sub Missions

Wandering Child

Recommended Level: 155
Rewards: Suijingiri Kanemitsu, Ai-ji Maedate Kabuto, Highest Quality Lacquer x5, 49200 Gold.

In this sub quest, you continue from the boss area of ‘Yokai Country’ main mission. Exit the gates and clear the three enemies there. Now walkthrough the nearby building and climb the ladder on the backyard.

Drop down to the campfire and clear the area of any enemies. Move towards the checkpoint until you reach Kodama. Guide Kodama to the shrine to end the mission.

Disturbances in the North

Recommended Level: 158
Rewards: Kamui (Wind), Water Omamori Chime, Yokai Water Pot x4, 50100 Gold

In this mission, you will have to deal with different waves. In the first wave, you will have to deal with small Dweller and two Red Kappa. After killing small Dweller, large Dweller will spawn. And after killing one of Red Kappa, large Red Kappa will spawn.

After dealing with dwellers and kappas, Amrita Fiend and Namahage will spawn. In the end you will have to deal with two Rokurokubi, Biwa Boku-Boku, Skeleton Gunner and Revenant.

A Gilded Deception

Recommended Level: 160
Rewards: Narukami, Wind Omamori Chime, Burning Oil Jar x2, 50700 Gold

This mission is only playable if you have Dragon of the North DLC.

A Cursed Doppelganger

Recommended Level: n/a
Rewards: Heavy Armor (Divine), Highest Quality Wood x6, Famed Samurai’s Locks x1, 18650 Gold

In this sub quest, you will have to fight Boss ‘Date Shigezane’. Defeat it to complete the mission.

Bovine Demon

Recommended Level: 174
Rewards: Hige-kiri and Hiza-maru (Wind), Anima Stone x3, Highest Quality Tamahagane x5, 54900 Gold

In this mission, you will have to face multiple waves of enemies. At first, a Raven Tengu and One-Eyed Imp will spawn. After dealing with them Yoki and Namahage will spawn. Kill them to spawn additional Namahage and ninja Yoki with a cannon.

After dealing with all the Yokai two Revenants (Odachi and Dual Swords) will spawn. Kill them to end the mission.

Become Thy Enemy

Recommended Level: 171
Rewards: Namahage Horn x4, Slender Vertebra x4, Highest Quality Ingot x6, Famed Ninja’s Locks x1, 72000 Gold

In this quest, you will be fighting another Onryoki. You will start at the Date Masaune’s castle area. Head outside, dealing with all the enemies you face on the way.

Now head downhill until you reach the Yokai fog. Here, fight the boss to complete the mission.

Hands of the Dragon

Recommended Level: 175
Rewards: Melee Weapon (Divine) x2, Armor (Divine) x2 , 27600 Gold

This mission is a boss fight 2 v 1. Defeat both bosses to complete the mission.

Siege of Osaka (Winter) Region Sub Missions

Art Imitates Life

Recommended Level: 185
Rewards: Tonfa (Divine or below), Highest Quality Lacquer x6, 58200 Gold

The Dragon Returns

Recommended Level: 175
Rewards: Dual Swords (Divine or below), Highest Quality Ingot x6, Soulstone x1, 9200 Gold

The Sparrow Files Again

Recommended Level:  215
Rewards: Weapons (Divine or below), Large Soulstone x1, Armour (Divine or below), Accessories (Divine or below), 44800 Gold.

Dance of the Yokai

Recommended Level:  190
Rewards: Tengu’s Fan x1, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x6, Hyottoko Mask x2, 59700 Gold

Crimson Will

Recommended Level:  210
Rewards: Head Protection (Divine or below), Sword (Divine or below), Burning Oil Jar x1, 65700 Gold


Recommended Level: 205
Rewards: Odachi (Divine or below), Highest Quality Tamahagane x6, Whetstone x1, 10700 Gold

The Loyalty of Demons

Recommended Level: 220
Rewards: Sacred Water x2, Sacred Ash x1, Melee Weapon (Divine or below), Highest Quality Ingot x5, 68700 Gold

Courage and Wisdom

Recommended Level: 230
Rewards: Moon Charm Kabuto, Daion-jin’s Sake x2, Lightning Omamori Charm, Highest Quality Iron Kozane x5, 71700 Gold.

A Warrior of Keen Judgment

Recommended Level: 233
Rewards: Weapons (Divine or below), Foot Protection (Divine or below), Arrowproof Amulet x1, Highest Quality Leather Cord x5, 72600 Gold.

Everlasting Duty

Recommended Level: 270
Rewards: Ranged Weapon (Divine or below), Melee Weapon (Divine or below), Armour (Divine or below), Fox Spirit’s Pelt x1, 41850 Gold

The Fare of Afterlife

Recommended Level: 260
Rewards: Equipment (Divine or below), Torso Protection (Divine or below), Nikawa Glue x1, Highest Quality Leather Kozane x5, 80700 Gold

The Ninja Master

Recommended Level: 265
Rewards: Sword (Divine or below), Light Armor (Divine or below), Kusarigama (Divine or below), 13700 Gold

Raid on the Hirano River

Recommended Level: 225
Rewards: Ogosho’s Hood, Saisetsu-shin’s Sake x2, Accessories (Divine or below), Mud Jar x2, 70200 Gold

Guardian in the Shadows

Recommended Level: 237
Rewards: Moment Talisman x1, Axe (Divine or below), Leg Protection (Divine or below), Hamaya Arrow x6, 73800 Gold.

The Grand Tournament

Recommended Level: 255
Rewards: Equipment (Divine or below), Melee Weapon (Divine or below), Soul Stone x1, Yokai Water Pot x1, 52800 Gold

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