Nioh Best Materials Farming Locations ‘Master of Quality Trophy Guide

One of the Nioh trophies you can earn is called “Master of Quality.” It is indeed a hard one and deserves its own separate guide so here we are, the following Noih trophies guide will help you understand the process that’ll need to “Master of Quality.”

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Nioh Best Materials Farming Locations ‘Master of Quality Trophy

Master of Quality
REQUIREMENT: Get all of the Best Materials

To get “Master of Quality” you need all of the best crafting items. There are two ways to get items in Nioh, you can either dismantle equipment at the blacksmith or kill enemies/complete missions and hope for the best rewards/drops.

You need to play as many Twilight missions as possible. Below is the complete list of items you can get from Blacksmith dismantling, followed by the list of items you get via missions.

Blacksmith Items

  • Divine Fragment – Divine Gear
  • Leather Kozane – Body Armor (Leg, foot, torso)
  • Iron Kozane – Torso Armor (Leg, Foot)
  • Leather Cord – Arm Armor
  • Lacquer – Head Armor
  • Tamahagane – Katana, Kusarigama, Dual Katana
  • Wood – Spear, Bow, Rifle

Mission Drops

  • Ogress Claw – Twilight Missions “The Bleeding Spider Lily”, Ogress boss
  • Hank of Yokai Hair – Mission Reward / Twilight Mission “An Ominous Cavern”, Hino-enma boss and Flying Bolts
  • Spider’s Leg Husk – Spider enemies in mission “Spider Nest Castle” and Joro-Gumo
  • Kappa Shell – Kappa Turtles
  • Umi-bozu’s eyestone – Twilight Mission “Foreboding Seas”, Umi-bozu boss
  • Nue’s Claw – Nue bosses
  • Bangasa Rib – Mission Reward  and Twilight Mission “An Ominous Cavern”
  • Orochi Scale – Yamata-no-Orochi boss (second time)
  • Demon’s Horn – Yokai Monsters
  • Writhing Tongue –  Onyudos
  • Gargantuan Tail Bone – Gasha-dokuro in mission “The Source of Evil”
  • White Tiger Fur – Twilight Mission “The Best and the Worst”, White Tiger boss
  • Raven Tengu Feather – Mission Reward and Twilight Missions, bird enemies
  • Great Centipede’s Fang – Great Centipede mission “The Silver Mine Writhes”

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