Nioh 2 Low Performance Issues and Other Fixes

Are you experiencing crashes, error messages or performance drops in Nioh 2? Here are some basic fixes you can try. Find out more

Nioh 2 is finally available on PC through Steam after almost a year of exclusivity on Playstation 4. The game stands at a “Mostly Positive” review right now on Valve’s platform, giving souls fans yet another gem to add to their collection. Even with its amount of popularity though, Nioh 2 is too prone to crashes and error messages although KOEI TECMO has done a good job in keeping them it their minimum. See our list below with some frequent issues with Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Crashes at Startup

A game that can’t even get to launch before crashing does take a big hit in its popularity. However, this is mostly caused by issues related to your hardware and software. The first thing you might want to do is check Nioh 2’s minimum requirements and see if your PC can launch the game, If it does, then run the game as an administrator after whitelisting it from your firewall and antivirus. It’s frequent that your OS will recognise games as viruses and this is a quick way to go past the issue.

If that doesn’t work, then you can go ahead and check your Windows version and install any updates if available. This will ensure that your OS is up to par with Nioh 2. Next up, launch your GPU software and check if any updates are available there as well. As soon as the updates are done, run the game once more with administrator rights.

The last thing you can try when having crashes at startup in Nioh 2 is to run the game in windowed mode by going to properties through the game’s shortcut and adding a -w to its command line. If the issue persists then it’s time for you to contact KOEI TECMO’s support and have the team investigate the issue further.

In-Game Crash

Same as startup crashes, in-game ones too can be fixed by updating your OS and GPU drivers. The next thing you need to focus on is how your hardware copes with Nioh 2’s high specifications. Are you running your hardware on overclock mode? Does your GPU require too much power to run the game? Do you have too many other programs or browser tabs open? Answer those questions and take the appropriate actions to eliminate the error. One more thing you can try is to tweak your game’s graphics settings in order to make sure that it runs on its smoothest and stop resource blocking.

Black Screen

If you experience black screens at startup, especially if you are playing the game on a 4K resolution, you’re best bet is to launch the game in windowed mode as we mentioned before. Also, you can try lowering your CPU and GPU memory clock to a small amount per time and check if the black screens stop.

If both those fixes don’t stop your black screens in Nioh 2, then follow the steps we mentioned on the “Nioh 2 Crashes at Startup” in order to eliminate any software issues that might affect your game’s performance.

Low Performance

Poor performance issues are the most prominent ones in the game. Low performance in Nioh 2 can happen due to your hardware being unable to run the game properly. The first thing you need to check, taking into account that you meet the minimum requirements, is how far off you are from the recommended specifications. If they are low, then you’ll need to run the game and switch some of the game’s most demanding settings off. This means that you can disable Anti-aliasing (FXAA and Gamma Correction) and wet your settings to Maximum Performance. Also, try setting the Low Latency mode to Ultra for extra performance.

If this fix doesn’t work then open your task manager and see if your CPU and RAM usage is above 85-90%. If it is, then shut down any additional programs or browser tabs and run the game once more.

For the time being, there are a plethora of reports related to performance by the users and we are waiting for a patch that may address these issues. So if your performance issues persist even after trying out the basic workarounds, you will have to wait for the updates.

Missing DLL Files

If you are getting “missing dll file” error notices while playing Nioh 2, then it’s time to dive into the magical world of MVC++ Redistributables. What you will need to do is go to Microsoft’s download page and download the latest x64 and x86 versions. Install both of them and see if you get the same error notices when you run Nioh 2. If you do, then you can download the specific files that are missions and add them to your Nioh 2 file. If the issue persists, you can do one more fix by updating your DirectX files.

Stuck at Loading Screen

Getting stuck at loading screens is mostly caused by corrupt files in Nioh 2. To get past that, you will need to repair your game files. To do that, go to your Steam library, right-click on Nioh 2 and go to properties. Click on Local Files and then Verify integrity of game files. The procedure might take a while to complete but has a great chance of unstucking you in the game. If that too didn’t work, then check your GPU drivers and install any updates if necessary.

These are all the issues we could gather right now on Nioh 2, including crashes, missing dll errors and performance problems. If you experience more problems with the game or our fixes didn’t work for you, you can always contact the developers on the KOEI TECMO’s support center or add your issue to Nioh 2’s discussion table on Steam so that players can get you more recommendations on what to try.

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