Nioh 2 Oda Nobunaga Boss Guide

In this Nioh 2 Oda Nobunaga Boss Guide we will discuss the best possible way to take out Oda Nobunaga. The boss guide will contain useful information about the boss including his attack patterns, abilities and suggested counters to those.

Nioh 2 Oda Nobunaga Boss

You will come across Oda Nobunaga on the side mission The Demon King’s Blade. While on his own, Oda Nobunaga isn’t that tough of a boss, however, at a point in the fight his Guardian Spirit will set the area on fire which can prove to be a real problem.

Should you get affected by those flames, remember you can roll to extinguish them. Alternatively, you can also come equipped with gear that offers some fire resistance.

At the start of the fight, Oda just stands there so you can actually land a good free hit to do a decent amount of damage. Hit him with a headshot with a ranged weapon to down him and then quickly run to him to perform a ground stab attack.

Watch out for the meteor attack that he calls down with the help of his guardian spirit. They are slow to fall so give you enough time to run away from their point of impact. Upon the impact the meteor explode and not only deal damage but also cause you to burn over time so make sure you dodge this attack.

During the meteor storm, he will also try to do a charge attack and rush you. Make sure you avoid that by dodging to the side. If Oda Nobunaga catches you, you could end up getting stunlocked for a bit and take a big amount of damage.

After the charge animation ends, he usually stays in place for a few seconds so you can perform a grapple attack or any other high damage attack to do some good damage to Oda.

Your Yokai weapon can be quite useful in this fight to deal a high amount of damage.

During the last phase of the fight, it is a good idea to keep your distance since he starts performing some deadly lightning and fire combos. It is better to attack him from a distance at that point, wait for his combos to end and then pressure him.

Whittle down his Ki and then keep on pressing with your damaging attacks to chip away the remaining health.

As long as you don’t get greedy in this phase, you should be able to defeat Nobunaga boss with no problem at all.


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