Nioh 2 Bird in a Cage Kodama Locations Guide

Do you also want to unlock the Kodama Leader Trophy by finding all of the 150 Locations of Kodama in Nioh 2? Well, we have you covered with these Nioh 2 Bird in a Cage Kodama Locations. This guide will uncover all of these locations to you in a very elaborate chronological order.

Nioh 2 Bird in a Cage Kodama Locations

Bird In A Cage contains 7 Kodama locations from where you can collect the Kodama and even get an Elixir after finding 5 of them.

Here we have described all of the 7 locations in a specific order so that you can collect all of them in one go.

Kodama Location #1
Head into the cave besides the shrine and go straight. Eventually you will come across a little wider area in the cave where you will see two wooden barrel shaped boxes. You first Kodama is just in between of those two boxes.

Kodama Location #2
Head further into the opening in front of you. As you come out of the cave, go to the right and through the bridge. Don’t cross the bridge and there is an opening in the middle of the bridge to the right. Jump down from there and you will see your second Kodama.

Kodama Location #3
Jump further down from the location of second Kodama and head towards the right. Go straight from there and eventually you will enter into a dark place from the gates.

Go straight and then turn left where there is a wooden frame and a small hut. Your third Kodama is lying by this hut shaped woods pile.

Kodama Location #4
Go further ahead following the same route then and take a left from where the flames appear. Go straight and take two lefts from there. Go further ahead and instead of entering the gates, take a sharp right into the darker spot.

Go straight from there and as you go ahead, you will come across a small hut where you will find a ladder taking you underground. Your fourth Kodama is just in the right corner of this hut.

Kodama Location #5
Go back from there into the place besides the wind tower. You will find a shrine there too. Go out from the place following the path where there is fire lit too.

Go straight from there taking the lefts and eventually you will come across a drop down point. Jump down and head into the opening into the stone house. Go inside, take a right and go left through the water area.

Go straight and take another left. You will find some boxes to your right. Break the boxes and you will find the fifth Kodama there.

Kodama Location #6
Go straight into the area and climb up the staircase. Take two right turns from there and you will come across a wall which you can break. Break the wall and head into the area.

There is another shrine here too. Behind the shrine is another staircase. Go further upwards through it and then turn left through the red bridge.

Go into the room on the left then and there are some boxes there. Break the boxes to get sixth Kodama.

Kodama Location #7
Go back and drop down through the bridge. There is another opening in the ground leader further downwards. Jump through it and you will come into a room with a hot water tub in it.

There will be wooden boxes in the corner of the room. Break the boxes to retrieve your final Kodama of Bird in a Cage.