Nintendo Unveils Event for mythical Pokemon Jirachi

The mythical Pokemon Jirachi is now available from April 1 to April 24 via the Pokemon Mystery Gift function on Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon OR and AS.

Nintendo has begun a series of event Pokemon giveaways for Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire in celebration of Pokemon’s 20 year anniversary, and they’re kicking the event off with this month’s Pokemon: The mythical Pokemon Jirachi!

Jirachi, the Wish Pokemon, first made its debut in 2003 when it was the central Pokemon in the Pokemon movie “Jirachi: Wish Maker” in order to promote itself and Generation IV, when it would officially appear. Prior to that, it was only available to the third generation of Pokemon games via events or special promotional discs for the Nintendo GameCube games Pokemon Channel and the 2003 version of Pokemon: Colosseum.

The mythical Pokemon Jirachi that will be available in the event is at level 100, and knows the moves Wish, Confusion, and Rest. Its Serene Grace ability will boost the possibility of a secondary effect happening from a move (such as Special Defense going down if an enemy is hit with Psychic or Rock Smash lowering an opponent’s Defense by one level.)

Jirachi is also a Steel-Psychic type, a powerful combination of types that makes it resistant to a large number of other types of attacks.

And a special Pokemon event in the games isn’t the only way to get a Jirachi: it will also be available in the Pokemon Trading Card game as a special card, and some Toys R Us stores are selling Jirachi plush toys.

In order to claim a Jirachi for yourself you’ll have to turn on your Pokemon game, go to Mystery Gift, click Get Via Internet, and select the gift (in this case, Jirachi). Once you’ve received the gift, all you have to do is go to the nearest Pokemon Center, where you’ll find a delivery girl waiting for you. Talk to her and accept the gift to receive Jirachi, and enjoy!

Jirachi will also come with a special ribbon that shows your love for Pokemon in celebration of 20 years, but you’d better hurry, Jirachi will only be available until April 24, and then it’ll be on to the next Pokemon!

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