Nintendo Patent Raises Hope For A Functional Switch Web Browser

Nintendo was never in favor of a dedicated web browser because it designed the Nintendo Switch to primarily be a portable gaming console. Nintendo figured that users can always rely on their smartphones to access a web browser, but that thought process might be on the verge of change.

According to a new patent published earlier today, Nintendo is interested in a fully functional web browser for a portable display device which may as well be the Nintendo Switch.

The patent points out that such a web browser would be able to adjust its interface for small screen sizes to give an optimum user interface and to remove any usability limitations. The web browser would also be able to take inputs from gestures on a touch-sensitive surface as well as from manual button inputs.

Furthermore, the patent notes that such a web browser would potentially give the Nintendo Switch a wide variety of capabilities. In addition to seamless online internet browsing, users would be able to access to emails and calendars, store contact and other information, and use voice communications among others.

There would even be a tutorial for new users to learn how to use the web browser on their portable device just like any other conventional web browser.

The only problem is that this is not the first time Nintendo has filed a patent for a portable web browser. The company has been doing so well before the Nintendo Switch was launched. The new patent actually mentions at the start that it covers content from past filings in entirety, and is a continuation of a series of patents which include patents now abandoned.

However, seeing the patent use the Nintendo Switch for diagrams and with the new Switch OLED model inbound, users can at least raise some hope to finally receive a fully functional web browser.

The Nintendo Switch technically does contain a web browser but which is fairly limited. It requires users to connect to public hotspots such as at a local Starbucks outlet, and even then provides a less than ideal browsing experience.

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