Nintendo Switch Transfers Will Be Possible Between Lite And Regular Consoles

Nintendo Switch transfers between the original console and the Nintendo Switch Lite will be possible, according to Doug Bowser.

If you’re worried about having to start all of your favorite games all over again when you buy a Nintendo Switch Lite, don’t be. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has said that Nintendo Switch transfers will be possible between the regular console and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a version of the Nintendo Switch specifically geared towards being able to take it anywhere on the go, rather than having to return it to its dock after a while to recharge it. It can run almost any Switch game, as long as it has the ability to be made portable.

For people who go on long car trips often, or are often stuck on public transport, a Nintendo Switch Lite can be a vital tool in staying entertained. But, as with many different versions of consoles, the thought of having to lose all of your progress still remained.

It’s already possible to transfer data through the Cloud via the Nintendo Switch Online service, but only a few games had that capability such as the Pokemon Let’s Go games and Splatoon 2. Exactly what will be getting used to make the Nintendo Switch transfers between the normal console and the Nintendo Switch Lite have yet to be seen.

With the wide variety of games that are already on the Nintendo Switch, having to restart any of them because you can’t transfer them over to your Nintendo Switch Lite would definitely be a big problem. All we can do is trust that Nintendo has something in the works.

In the meantime, you can keep track of what all the Nintendo Switch Lite will be capable of it before it releases on September 20. There will also be a special edition geared towards Pokemon, since Pokemon Sword and Shield will be coming out just a week after.

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