The Nintendo Switch Mini To Support 1080p Resolution Even Without Dock

Nintendo Switch has an alternative model planned. Much like any console does, such as the PlayStation slim variant. The Nintendo...

Nintendo Switch has an alternative model planned. Much like any console does, such as the PlayStation slim variant. The Nintendo Switch Mini aims to defer from the Switch itself by compressing into portability and being strictly a hand-carry console without the Joy-cons.

This means no docking, however, it also has an unspoken trait that rumors have brought up. The Nintendo Switch Mini may have better performance than the actual Nintendo Switch.

This was specifically mentioned by Forbes. The rumor says that it can run games at 1080p resolution. Sure, the Nintendo Switch graphics can reach that level but only via docking.

Docking isn’t as lewd as it sounds. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, docking means connecting it to a larger screen. This is what the Nintendo Switch Mini takes away by restricting you to one screen. That screen has a better resolution and overall performance though.

This means Joycons are being taken out of the picture as well. Since the Nintendo Switch Mini is like the next Gameboy basically.

Another notable part of the rumor pointed to better battery life. Not to undersell the Nintendo Switch in any way. The aforementioned still has a pretty girthy amount of battery power. The Nintendo Switch Mini is supposedly going to have more. Slightly odd considering it’s also supposed to have better performance. Alas, these are all just rumors so nothing is confirmed.

Nintendo also caught wind of the ongoing resolution rumor. This is what they had to say about it:

“We know that many articles have been published on this, responding to rumors and speculations would end up spoiling many surprises for our clients and would not be profitable for all of our shareholders, so we do not have an answer for that . to say that we are always developing new hardware.”

It’s not an outright denial. Though this doesn’t mean it’s true either. After all, denying the rumor of higher resolution would be a bad marketing strategy for the Switch Mini itself.

I’m not personally a fan of this culture in the console business. A supposedly better version of the same console being released later. I’m not talking about next generation like PS3 to PS4. Rather, I’m referring to PS4 to PS4 Pro.

It’s essentially a slap in the face to anybody that chooses to buy consoles off the shelves. This is why it’s always more rewarding to wait a year or two until the appropriate amount of content is released.

Either way, if you haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch yet, save up. You could play Fire Emblem: Three Houses in HD.

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