Nintendo Switch Demographics Reveal Interesting Competition With PS4 And Xbox One

Nintendo Switch demographics reveal that the console has a pretty similar market as that of PS4 and XBox One and is putting forward a decent competition

Nintendo Switch has been a huge commercial success for Nintendo since its launch 2 months back in March. Not only are fans loving the console, the official Nintendo Switch demographics released also reveal that the console is actually successfully competing with both PS4 and Xbox One.

After the failure of WiiU, the company needed a win and the Nintendo Switch demographics indicate that they may have achieved that, at least in the US market. According to the demographics, the core audience of the Nintendo Switch in a US household is pretty much the same as that of PS4 and Xbox One with 86% of the install base under 18 years of age while 69% falls within the 19-34 age group.

Combine the target audience with the insane rate at which Nintendo Switch is selling out of stock, it is clear that with the release of this information Nintendo is targeting third party developers by showing them that they have the user base, all that is needed now is content.

While many developers and publishers pledged their support to the console prior to launch, only a handful of third party titles have been seen so far with most of the releases planned for later in the year or sometime in the future.

Even if Nintendo doesn’t have anything to worry about right now, with new stock coming into retailers and selling like hot cakes, lack of a follow up with important third party publishers and developers could spell trouble in the future.

While companies like Stardock believe the console doesn’t third party support, the Nintendo Switch demographics indicate that people are actually coming to the platform because of the third party support promise.


Thankfully, companies like Koei Tecmo are fully committed to releasing their future products on all consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

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