Nintendo Switch Cross-play In The Works, Company In Talks With Software And Hardware Makers

Cross-play is something that fans want and Nintendo is working on making that possible for the Nintendo Switch. Here is what you need to know.

Cross-play is something that fans want and while people have been asking for this from Sony, we have not got much out of the company but it seems that Nintendo knows what the fans want and are going to deliver nothing less. Minecraft is one of the games on the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft and Nintendo are both marketing cross-play for the game but you can expect to see more titles come with such features as well.

Nintendo’s former president Tatsumi Kimishima was asked about cross-play for the Nintendo Switch and the conversation has been translated as follows:

In regards to Fortnite which was announced at E3, there’s a story going around about how accounts that have played it on PlayStation can’t play it on Switch. Nintendo and Microsoft are making a combined marketing pitch with cross-play for Minecraft. How will you build relationships with other companies for multi-platform play?

Kimishima: Fortnite, PlayStation, and Minecraft all touch on other companies, so I’ll withhold comment. Tanaka will answer about cross-play.

Tanaka: I’m in charge of interacting with other companies. Basically, we’re realizing cross-play through talks with software and hardware makers.

Fortnite has been an instant on the Nintendo Switch and it is a bummer that people that have used their accounts on PS cannot play the game using the same account on the Nintendo Switch. Sony has been very stubborn when it comes to cross-play and I for one am hoping that the company can move past this already. Cross-play is going to happen whether Sony is a part of it or not, might as well let the players have fun.

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