Report: Nintendo NX Uses A 6.2 Inch Multitouch Screen With 720p Output

A new report suggests that Nintendo NX is in prototype stage, and will be using a 6.2 inch multitouch screen with a resolution of 720p.

While we are still waiting for Nintendo to reveal details about their upcoming system Nintendo NX, leaks and insider reports keep popping up on the internet. If the leaks and reports continue to drop at this rate, there is a chance that by the time Nintendo officially reveals it, there is nothing left to reveal.

Now a new report has surfaced on the internet, which reveals some details about Nintendo NX display and its resolution. According to Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers, Nintendo NX is in prototype stage, and will be using a 6.2 inch multitouch screen with a resolution of 720p.

For a handheld 720p resolution is very great, but if the system is only capable of outputting 720p than this is going to make a lot of fans unhappy, given that Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo offer much higher resolutions.

However, there is one possibility that Nintendo NX’s dock that is used to output images to TV, might upscale the images to 1080P resolution. But the report suggests nothing like that, but the it does suggests that the “DOCK” will only have two USB ports.

Last week a report suggested that detachable NX controllers will also be used as motion control and also as an advance form of force feedback. Now the Emily Rogers has confirmed that, it is true.

This article about NX’s detachable controllers supporting force feedback and motion controls has truth.

It is also important to mention that these are just rumors, and also Emily Rogers has pointed out that, she herself is not too sure about these leaks.

In other news, recently president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, revealed that Nintendo is aware of its mistakes in the past, and plans to not repeat those mistakes with Nintendo NX.

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