Nintendo NX Console Release Date and Price Supposedly Leaked By Tesco

A UK retailer might have leaked Nintendo NX console release date along with the price. The tentative price was listed to be £349.99.

Someone at Tesco seems to have jumped the gun announcing a Nintendo NX console release date, prior to any official announcement. A twitter user by the name of Alice Willison originally discovered this update on Tesco’s website.

The UK supermarket retailer, Tesco, has not only created a page for Nintendo NX, although it is titled as “Nintendo NX Wii U” but also ended up putting the Nintendo NX console release date as well its price.

While the price of the console has since been removed from the page, according to Alice it was being sold for £349.99. The Nintendo NX console release date however is still up on the page and suggests the console will be available for purchase on 31st December 2016.

The price tag suggests the machine will be priced at above $400 in US market which seems a bit too steep and not a whole lot of people will be willing to shell out this much cash for the console since Nintendo consoles mostly just favor first party titles.

Given the date, it seems too good to be true and weird, releasing a console on New Year’s Eve when most companies try to get their products out before Christmas holidays.

However, considering the rumors floating around for a while now which suggest Nintendo will be announcing the console in October, the release date on Tesco’s website doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

No Images for the console or an option to place a pre order is available on the website yet.

Despite Nintendo NX being a hybrid handheld console, many game creators are already pledging their support to the platform including Ubisoft saying “Nintendo has learned from the Wii U”.

Rumors suggest some developers have already seen the console in action and are impressed by it.

Nintendo also seems to have a lot of confidence in the new machine and their production estimates suggest around 10 million units will be created per year.

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