Nintendo May Not Have the Resources to Build a Console to Outperform Xbox: CD Projekt RED

Nintendo NX has been in the news for months and many leaks claimed that the console would be more powerful...

Nintendo NX has been in the news for months and many leaks claimed that the console would be more powerful than Xbox and even PlayStation 4. Nothing concrete came in this regard from official sources.

Nintendo is silent and didn’t even say a word at E3 2016, however, we do know that Ubisoft is making a Just Dance game for it and that’s just about it from third party development as far as official announcements go.

Of course, there are many other developers making games for it and they all seem to really like what NX has to offer.

However, none of the developers have said anything about how powerful this machine is but now, CD Projekt RED made a comment about how Nintendo might lack the resources to build a powerful machine that could outperform Xbox, at least not the new Xbox announced at E3.

According to Fabian Mario Döehla of CD Projekt RED, hardware might never be the main emphasis of Nintendo in the future, something that Nintendo itself mentioned.

I think this will never again be the main emphasis in the future [for Nintendo]. Can it [NX] be better than the new Xbox? Take a realistic point of view: is Nintendo able to build a console that has got more power than Xbox?

The interviewer said that it theory it is possible to create such a powerful machine, to which Fabian replied:

Affordable? Do they have the contacts to the industrial facilities, resources… [Shakes head several times in denial] And what would be the positive outcome? Who is going to develop games for it?

Nintendo’s handheld business is in a good place but console side of things are dented due to Wii U. They may not able to afford a console that outperforms the new Xbox but the current model is within their reach.

Making a console with an easily to development for architecture and little bit more powerful than the current generation of console is something Nintendo can do.

NX will release next year, hopefully.

Source: Rocket Beans Tv

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