Nintendo Has Found Iwata’s Replacement for President of the Company

Nintendo has named its new president of the company, the person who'll replace the great Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo has named Tatsumi Kimishima as its new president. Kimishima was formerly the head of Nintendo’s North American operations.

Kimishima was also the chief financial officer of The Pokemon Company and head of Human Resources. He also served as the president of Nintendo America but was later succeeded by Reggie Fils-Aime in May 2006.

Former President Satoru Iwata passed away recently, he was the face of Nintendo for a long time and it wouldn’t be easy filling his shoes. However, Nintendo seems confident in Kimishima which they definitely should, considering his decades of experience and performance at the company.

Nintendo held a board meeting today in Japan where the company made the decision to appoint Kimishima as president. A new president has come at a very interesting time for Nintendo, as the company is dipping its fingers in the mobile gaming scene.

Nintendo is currently under partnership with Niantic Inc. for the development of Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, rumor has it that they are making games for Apple Tv, however, Apple was expected to say something about this at a recent event held in New York, but nothing came out of it in this regard.

Anyways, Nintendo is taking its first steps into smartphone games market and Kimishima’s role will be key.


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