Nintendo 3DS Production Has Been Shutdown By Nintendo In Japan

With the launch of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s sole focus seems to be the hybrid console despite 3DS being the half of Nintendo’s total earning. Nintendo 3DS is one of the most popular handhelds for the Nintendo and despite Nintendo clarifying that 3DS and Switch can coexist, Nintendo has discontinued 3DS in Japan.

Nintendo has officially ended the production of the standard 3DS in Japan, however, the XL model of the console is still in production. Nintendo did not reveal the reason behind discontinuing the standard 3DS but, we might get a statement from Nintendo soon.

In related news, Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of attention from third-party developers and publishers, however, not all have been able to bring their games to the hybrid console. According to a report, Ubisoft is facing difficulties while trying to port Steep to Nintendo Switch.

The report suggests that running the game on Switch is not a problem for Ubisoft but, the actual problem is the online features. The report suggests that Ubisoft is finding it so difficult that the company has brought in Nintendo for help.

However, Switch is getting sports games like FIFA 18 and WWE 2K18. But, FIFA 18 for Switch will be different from the PC and current gen versions.

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 will be developed on a different game engine from the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version as EA has revealed that Frostbite engine will be exclusive to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions.


While Nintendo has stopped the production of Nintendo 3DS in Japan but, it is important to mention that the XL version of the handheld is still being produced.

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