Nine Minutes Of GTFO Gameplay Shows Tense, Dark, Frightening Game

Nine minutes of GTFO gameplay from Ten Chambers Collective has been released ahead of the game's 2018 release date on the PC.

10 Chambers Collective has released nine minutes of GTFO gameplay, showing interested players their multiplayer survival horror game that they announced last year. The game, which got a gameplay trailer at The Game Awards last year, looks even more promising than it did before, and particularly because of its tense, dark atmosphere.

From what we do know about GTFO, players take on the role of a team of four scavengers, who are sent deep underground into an abandoned facility that’s been overrun by a variety of horrific monsters known as Sleepers to look for particular items. The facility’s dark and labyrinthine corridors make staying together and constant communication a priority, lest you blunder into a hazardous situation with no one to help you.

There are a wide variety of different enemies to try and survive against in the game as well, including run of the mill ones, giant ones, and ones that send out feelers to try and detect intruders, and which will sound an alarm if you blunder into one. Players can make use of sentry guns and trip mines in order to help defend themselves, in addition to their guns.

The tense atmosphere and hectic action definitely help to complement the game’s title: GTFO means “Get the fuck out”, which is likely your thoughts as you do your best to get to your objective and then leave.

While we haven’t seen much GTFO gameplay aside from the Game Awards trailer and this current video, hopefully the game will be a good game that players can keep playing for a good while, as long as 10 Chambers can keep people interested. Considering 10 Chambers is made up of ex-Payday developers, hopefully their experience on that game has allowed them to figure out how to keep the game successful.

You can look at the GTFO gameplay video for yourself up above. The game will be releasing sometime this year exclusively on PC>

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