Nier Automata EXP Farming Guide

Nier Automata infinite EXP Farming Guide will help you level up fast and reach level 99 in the game. The system is simple.

Our Nier Automata infinite EXP Farming Guide will help you level up fast and reach level 99 in the game. The system is simple, you earn EXP and get your character to raise its level.

The following Nier Automata Farming Guide features tips to help you farm infinite EXP in the game. There are 3 different locations that are best for farming XP at the different levels you reach.

Nier Automata EXP Farming

First EXP Farming Location
Head to the Housing Complex in the desert immediately after the Adam boss fight. You can attempt this farming method if your level is anywhere between 1 and 40.

You will have to battle enemies such as Suicide Bombers that can deal high amounts of damage to you.

However, it’s still a relatively easy way to gain exp and misc low tier materials at the start of the game.

You may even find rare drops such as Machine Arms, Pristine Cable and Stripped Screws.

We recommend that you get the Virtuous Treaty and equip the Auto Use Item chip immediately. Be sure to keep large amounts of small recovery on you in case you lose health to the Suicide Bombers.

Second Location
Head to the location of the third boss fight against Adam in the Copied City at the start of Routes C&D.

You should attempt it when you’re around level 45-65. The drops here aren’t that great. You’ll mostly find Clean Nut, New bolt, Machine Core and Pristine Cable.

However, this area has faster enemy spawns and in larger groups so you have a lot of opportunities for grinding your level up if you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

When playing as A2, use Beserker Mode whilst using Angel’s Folly with Offensive and Deadly Heal to create a never-ending combo.

Use Wave for large Small Stubbies groups and Wire for Flying Stubbies. Laser Pod can also disable the Goliath Class Biped’s electrocute legs.

Third Location
During 9S’s story go to the amusement park. If you are too far ahead into the story you will need to complete the game in order to get chapter select option.

Once in the amusement park you need to hack the larger robot in the Square and use it to attack other robots in the location.

Keep in mind that there are two types of robots in Nier Automata: hostile and friendly. When you hack a robot it will explode if it’s hostile. However, it will stand by your side if it is friendly and hacked

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