Ni no Kuni Pigeons Locations, Errand 047

In Ni No Kuni, you will have to do a lot of quests and side quests to progress in the game. These quests are sometimes easier to complete and sometimes difficult. In this guide, we will be discussing the Pigeon Locations in Errand 047 of Ni No Kuni.

How to Start Errand 047 in Ni no Kuni

In Ni No Kuni, you will have to complete around 136 Errands. Errands are side quests assigned by the Swift Solutions vendor in settlements and towns. Swift Solutions is a market of shops found throughout the world of Ni Nu Kuni.

These shops assign you Errands. After completing these Errands, you will be rewarded with some awards. These awards include Merit Stamps, guilders, and some important items.

The Errand 047 can be started after getting the Letter of Passage from the Cowlipha. In this Errand, a young boy is worried about his 3 pigeons lost in the town. So, you have to help him in finding his 3 pigeons.

Ni no Kuni Pigeon Locations

In this Errand, you have to find 3 lost pigeons to get this task done. These pigeons can be found at different locations on the map. During this hunt, you will have to use the ability to talk to the birds, i.e., Nature’s tongue.

You can find ALL 3 pigeons in Al Mamoon. Al Mamoon is a dessert kingdom near the Volcano Old Smoky. This place is known to have Creamiest Milk Mountains. To start this quest, talk to the boy near the Entrance of Al Mamoon. The location of all 3 pigeons is in detail below;

Pigeon #1 Location

The first Pigeon can be found near the milk Mountain near the Cat’s Cradle. To send it to the boy, you have to use your nature tongue to talk to the Pigeon. After talking to the Pigeon, head toward finding the 2nd Pigeon in the town.

Pigeon #2 Location

Second Pigeon is also near a Milk Fountain but in some other part of the town. To find him, get to the town square of Al Mamoon. You will see the Milk Fountain on the right side of the square. Go near the Fountain, and you will find the 2nd Pigeon sitting on the ground.

Pigeon #3 Location

The Third and the Last Pigeon is difficult to find as it lies inside a shop. To collect the last Pigeon, head to the Hootique in the town. Hootique is a shop that sells treats and some other helpful items.

Upon entering the shop, you will see a table in front. On the Right side of that table, there will be a window. Go near that window to locate the 3rd Pigeon.

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