Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker’s Trial Guide

Ni No Kuni 2 is full of trails and challenges, however, the very first challenge that you must pass in the Kingmaker’s Trial after which Evan will get the Kingmaker and he can start ruling his new kingdom Evermore. It is vital for Evan to collect the Kingmaker by passing the Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker’s Trial, which consists of two trials, the Trial of Knowledge, and Trial of Strength.

Only when Evan has passed these two challenges, he will be deemed fit to rule the kingdom. We have curated this Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker’s Trial Guide in which we will guide you on how you can clear both the challenges and earn your right to rule Evermore.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker’s Trial

You’ll be coming across Kingmaker’s Trial at the end of the second chapter. Comprising of two distinct parts, Trial of Knowledge and Trial of Strength, Kingmaker’s Trial will put your IQ and strength to a good use.

In this guide, we will explain how to tip toe across the three levels of puzzles during the first part of the trial, and how to defeat the boss in the second part to perfectly complete Kingmaker’s Trial.

Kingmaker’s Challenge is one of the earliest challenges of the game that you will have to clear. Being a story mission, it cannot be avoided or put aside for a later completion. Therefore, to make the challenge easy for you, we have made a step-by-step guide for all the puzzles and the loot that you can get out of this challenge.

The Kingmaker’s challenge comprises of two challenges, the first one being Trial of Knowledge while the second one being Trial of Strength.

The Trial of Knowledge will test your knowledge, more specifically your recall memory as you need to clear some puzzles by walking across the tiles only once and activating some statues for loot.

The Trial of strength with pit you against a boss and you need to defeat it to obtain the Kingmaker.

Trail Of Knowledge

For this challenge you will be asked to activate a couple of statues by standing next to them on a glowing white sigil.

This gets complicated when you are restricted to stepping on a puzzle box only once during each level. There are a few boxes that do not disappear when you step on them, and that is a relief. Put them to your advantage.

In Trial of Knowledge, you must remember the pattern of several poems and then use that knowledge to cross the tiles across three different stages. Each puzzle is more challenging than the last one with the last one being the hardest.

If you want to go an extra mile with the challenge, collect the blue orbs along the path. This will reward you with a sword and a wand and you don’t want to miss out on these rewards when you know you will be taking on a boss during the second part of the challenge.

First puzzle
When you have started the challenge and have arrived at the first puzzle board, you will notice three figures on the board.

One will be a boy, another one a magic wand and the last one will be a Fairy. Now, to solve the puzzle, you need to activate these three figures. Start with the boy by using the left-most section of the tiles.

Once at the boy, activate it and then use the uppermost set of tiles to get to the wand.

This will clear two statues. Now for the last one, you need to use the tiles right next to the want to reach the platform that can rotate the Fairy.

Once here, keep standing until the Fairy rotates and faces the wand directly. Once done, use the tiles on the right to reach the Fairy and activate it.

Once all three figures are activated, head to the book towards the upper section of the board and interact with it to complete the first stage of the Trail of Knowledge.

Second Puzzle
You will arrive at the second puzzle. This stage will have five statues that you need to activate. Start with heading towards the Harpist. It is located closest to the starting location so you must start with it. Once done, your next target is Pistolier.

It is located on the far left side of the board. Once there, activate it as well. You will see that directly in front of the Pistolier, the statue of Wizard is located. Activate it and head towards the monster statue.

Before activating, you need to head to the tile, which will rotate the Monster statue. Rotate it until it is facing the Boy’s statue. Now use the lower path to reach the tile that will rotate the Boy’s statue. Rotate it until it is facing the Monster’s Statue. Time to activate both these statues.

Head to the tile located between the statues of the Boy and the Monster to activate them both. Once done, head to the book to conclude this puzzle stage.

Third Puzzle
Now you will arrive at the third and the final puzzle stage of the Trial of Knowledge. This is the most challenging of all stages but we have the solution right here for you.

You will have to activate seven statues on this puzzle board before you can head to the third book and activate it. Start with heading to the Wizard’s statue and activate it. Once the statue is activated, it will destroy the tower up ahead, opening up the way for you.

Use the path and continue up to the platform that allows you to spin the Dragon’s() Statue. Keep spinning until you have a stone path to move on to.

Use the path and get to the Pistolier up ahead. Rotate the Pistolier until it is facing the red tower.

Activate it and it will destroy the tower. Now use the tile to rotate the Dragon’s statue to make a stone path for yourself to cross ahead.

Up ahead, you will see the Harpist and the Soldier. Use the stone pathway, which is farthest from both Harpist and the Soldier.

You will have to use the path on the farthest side and when you are standing on the very left square on this pathway, keep heading straight until you arrive at the tile that will rotate the Harpist.

Make it face the Soldier and then head to the tile in the center of both statues to activate them both and destroy the tower ahead.

Once the tower is destroyed, continue around the same path until you reach the stone pathway, which is near to these two statues.

From here, access the tile to rotate the dragon to form a new path to access the Fairy.

Follow the tiles closest to the Dragon until you have arrived at the tile that allows you to rotate the Fairy. Rotate it to face the tower and activate it later to destroy the tower.

Now you will be left with the last 2 statues, the Boy and the Dragon. Once the Fairy has destroyed the tower, head to the board to rotate the Dragon to face the boy.

Now all you need to do is head to the boy and activate it once the Dragon is facing him. Once all statues are activated, head to the last book at the top of the puzzle and you will complete the Trail of Knowledge.

Trail of Strength

The Trial of Strength can be called a Boss battle because you need to defeat Thogg in this battle.

Evan is alone for this challenge and there is no one else to support him, except Higgledy who will be attending to your wounds. This is a simple battle and you must avoid being hit while dealing maximum damage to Thogg.

Thogg will have different attacks and some of these attacks take some time to land so you can easily see when an attack is about to come.

When Thogg lands an attack, he will give a short window before starting on his next attack so you must use this window to deal as much damage to it as possible and once the attack is coming; your goal must be to avoid it at all costs. Wait for your weapons to charge and then land Combo Skills on it to deal some major damage.

Using melee attacks could be of immense help too. Keep at it and Thogg will be defeated soon. Once Thogg is down, you will have successfully completed the Kingmaker’s Trails and you will get the Kingmaker.

In short there are two basic rules to follow: dodge and attack.


Each challenge when completed will give you a number of different rewards. Upon completion of the first stage of Trail of Knowledge, you will get Soreaway, Strong Sixth Censer and Leather Armor. Second stage will reward you with Sixth Censer, Three-Leafed Soreaway and Warlock’s Wand.

The last puzzle in Trial of Knowledge will award you with Three-Leafed Soreaway, Sage’s Secret and Shamsir. Upon completion of the Trial of Strength, you will win the Boss’s Boots and the of course the Kingmaker which will allow you to rule Evermore as a ruler.

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