How to Get Green Grass Thread in Ni No Kuni 2

In Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, you will need Grass Green Thread to complete the Skillful Seamstress quest. You need to complete this quest for recruiting Pi Chi in Evermore. This guide will tell you how you can get Grass Green Thread in Ni no Kuni 2 and how Min Ti can join you while you are obtaining Grass Green Thread.

How to Get Ni no Kuni 2 Green Grass Thread

In Ni no Kuni 2, Grass Green Thread can be obtained in three ways. Firstly, you can advance in the main story till chapter 4. Make sure you deliver the first two items, and after that, talk to Gao Jia.

After that, you have to buy one sleep-be-gone from the Lucky Lotus Emporium and take it to the Min Ti in the Golden Paw region. Min Ti will reward you with five spools of Grass Green Thread for bringing that item. In this way, you can get some Grass Green Thread.

The second method that you can use for getting Grass Green Thread is to complete Swift Solutions errands. In this way, you can earn Tokens of Gratitude, which you can use to purchase Green Grass Thread’s spools.

The third method of getting the Grass Green Thread in Ni no Kuni 2 is traveling to the Rolling Hills section of the map and searching its ground. You can also take out enemies here to get the Grass Green Thread.

That was a short overview of the methods that can get you Grass Green Thread in Ni no Kuni 2. Below you will find complete details of some methods mentioned above.

How to Buy Grass Green Thread From Swift Solutions

The best and the fastest way of getting the Grass Green Thread is Swift Solutions. You will find him in the Golden Paw, and it can be easily located by using your map as the penguin symbol denotes it on the map.

After reaching that shopkeeper, you can complete different quests for him and get a Token of Gratitude as a reward.

After gathering a lot of Tokens, you can purchase Grass Green Thread from the same shopkeeper. This is the best method because you don’t have to visit multiple places to get Tokens of Gratitude and purchase Grass Green Thread.

Complete Min Ti Side Quest to Get Green Grass Thread

After completing Chapter 4, you get the option to complete a side quest for Min Ti. You can find Min Ti in the Golden Paw region of the Ni no Kuni 2, and its quest is not that difficult.

To complete the Min Ti quest, you have to head into the Calmlands with your team and take out some certain monsters there. You can return once you have taken out the required monsters to complete the Min Ti quest.

Min Ti will reward you with 5 Grass Green Threads and join you in Evermore.

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