Ni no Kuni 2 Fun with Fungi Guide

This guide covers the Fun with Fungi quest in Ni No Kuni 2 wihich tasks you with finding and delivering two specific mushrooms.

The Fun with Fungi quest in Ni No Kuni 2 tasks you with finding and delivering two specific mushrooms from the forest to Henry, the schoolteacher. Understanding the clues might be difficult for some people, so we have made a complete guide breaking down every clue in the Fun with Fungi quest.

How to Start Fun with Fungi Quest in Ni no Kuni 2

You need to talk to Henny, an NPC character located in the Evermore, and recruit her to your kingdom to start this quest. She will tell you about the mushroom test that will help her pupils learn about them. Once you accept the Fun with Fungi quest, she will give description of each mushroom respectively. Here is a list of the three mushrooms included in this quest:

  • Bluesky Buttontops
  • Cutesy Pops
  • Toadstool


The order in which Henny demands these mushrooms can differ from player to player. In any way, be ready to provide her any two or all three of the mushrooms.

Ni no Kuni 2 Mushroom Locations

Once you have added Henny to your kingdom, she will ask you to fetch her desired mushrooms. The detail of the mushrooms and their clues is given below.

Bluesky Buttontops Mushroom

After you finish talking with Henny, she will start giving you the clues for the mushroom. The first clue she will give is, “This refreshing mushroom tastes just as bright and breezy as it looks.”

Henny is asking for Bluesky Buttontops Mushroom, and you need to get it for her from the forest. You can discover this mushroom in the Makronos region or Branching Lumberyard.

Lumberyard is a store where you can get all your required items and deliver them to the Evermore store for a price without going out to find them, but you need Kingdom level 2 to unlock it in the store.

This mushroom uniqueness is 2 out of 5, so you can easily find it.

Cutesy Pops Mushroom

Henny will give you the next clue: “This mushroom may look sweet and beautiful, but its flavor is famously awful.”

The answer to this clue is Cutesy Pops Mushroom, which you can discover in the Forest of Niall. Alternatively, you can obtain it at the Branching Lumberyard.

To get this from the Branching Lumberyard, you need to have at least Kingdom level 2 to get it from there. This mushroom is a little hard to find as its uniqueness is 3 out of 5.


The clue for this mushroom is optional, as many of you might not get it. So don’t need to panic as this mushroom is not required to complete the quest.

The clue she will give you is, “This is a very poisonous mushroom indeed. Expert knowledge is required to extract its venom”.

You can get this mushroom from the Forest of Niall or the Budding Lumberyard. Budding Lumberyard is the same as Branching Lumberyard. The only difference is that it is for the Level 1 Kingdom.

Rewards for Completing Fun with Fungi Quest

After delivering both mushrooms to Henny and completing the Fun with Fungi quest, you will be able to get the following rewards.

  • 600 Experience Points.
  • 1460 Kingsguilders.
  • 5 Sweet Dream Truffle Items.
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