NHL 22 Tips

NHL 22 is the latest iteration of the beloved hockey game and with it come many new aspects to consider whether starting from scratch or returning from 21. Knowing this fact, we’ve put together a guide to provide you with some basic NHL 22 tips so you can get the most out of the game, whether beginner or veteran.

NHL 22 Tips

Below we have a few tips to get you started with NHL 22’s general gameplay as well as Be a Pro mode. With these, you should be able to find your bearings with the game on the rink in no time!

Skip starting Cups

You can begin your journey with either the NHL or the CHL’s Memorial Cup in NHL 22’s Be a Pro mode. Start your journey with NHL, as this allows you to select your squad and you don’t miss out on much.

Choosing your Archetype

Choosing a position is particularly important for a beginner because your playstyle differs drastically based on your position.

It is not an issue for those who have a solid grasp of hockey; nevertheless, those who are new to the game should stick with Center, Left Wing, or Right Wing.

Upgrading your Player

When you’ve accumulated a sufficient number of Trait Points, you should spend them to improve various aspects of your player and career.

It is also recommended to consider reviewing some of the several salary perks, which provide a variety of enhancements and ratings benefits.

Be careful when Trading a Player

When you’re completely into the full season, a conversation will emerge in which you can reach out to GM at any time. This allows you to trade locations.

However, you need to be careful as you’ll now need to convince the GM for this trade. It normally fails and even if you succeed, your options for teams will be highly restricted.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the failure will cause you to lose Management Likeability, Primary Line Score and Teammate Likeability. So be very careful when trading as you may just end up losing more than gaining.

Passing in NHL 22

The first thing you should learn in NHL 22 is how to pass. Passing in NHL 22 may be both simple and challenging, depending on the strategy you use.

To be accurate, all you have to do is take your time and pass in front of or on the side of you.

If you pass to a player who is not facing you, the game will remove all passing assists. To sum it up just be patient and don’t rush things, and it will come to you.

Scoring in NHL 22

The second most crucial thing after passing is scoring, which is required to win a game. Fortunately, the scoring mechanics in NHL 22 are very identical to the previous year.

Defense isn’t a significant issue this year, which makes scoring easy; all you need is strong basic back and forehands and you’ll be alright.

This year, point shots in particular are predominantly effective. Just don’t overthink things!

Defense in NHL 22

When it comes to defense, simply be in the passing game to intercept and the game mechanics will assist you in blocking. The rest of the defense is all about reading your opponent’s gameplay.

Configure your Settings

For Settings, first off, you need to factor in the fact that this year, the Trap/Forecheck is quite impressive; so max it out.

Next, set Offensive Pressure to Conservative as with this option, you’ll be able to keep your players close and keep the opponent’s attacking force at hold.

Note that if you choose to go with the Aggressive or Open Attack options for Offensive Pressure, you’ll notice that your players will go too far away from you.

Similarly, for Quick Breakout, go with the Close Support option as it’ll again serve the purpose of keeping your players close.

For Defensive Pressure, choose Protect Net as that’s where you’ll be facing the highest level of charge from the opponent team. As for the other team strategies, keep them at default.

Coming to the offensive lines, choose Crash the Net for Line 1 and 4, and Behind the Net for Line 2 and 3.

Just follow these NHL 22 tips and they’ll help you kick things off on the right foot!

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