NFS Unbound Tips

Need For Speed Unbound puts players inside Lakeshore City in a massive open-world experience with a brand-new risk-reward system. For...

Need For Speed Unbound puts players inside Lakeshore City in a massive open-world experience with a brand-new risk-reward system.

For newer players who are getting to grips with the game mechanics, the following tips will prove extremely useful

Things to know before jumping into NFS Unbound

Finding the Right Difficulty

Like most games, Need For Speed Unbound offers a selection of difficulty setting to choose from including Relaxed, Challenging, and Intense.

Each difficulty setting only gives you a set number of retries for each day. So you must determine the right setting for you considering your skill level. The number of retries per day is as follows:

  • Relaxed: Ten
  • Challenging: Four
  • Intense: Two

The difficulty setting also affects your vehicle health, higher difficulty settings have lower vehicle health. Remember that you are not locked with your difficulty setting, which you can change at the garage after ending the session.

Getting the best start

In Need for Speed Unbound, your start heavily influences the outcome of the entire race. You can determine the number of revs for your engine needed before the start of the race by checking the small bar above the speedometer.


Overcooking the revs will result in you falling behind the pack, while fewer revs will have you chasing for the entire race.

Master drifting

Need for Speed, races are all about taking risks to gain an advantage. Pulling off a successful drift can gain you a huge advantage as it allows you to take turns without decelerating. You can also gain nitro segments by drifting so mastering it is key,

Going against traffic and drafting

Stacking up Nitro is essential as it will overtake your opponents during crucial moments of the race. Nitro can be filled easily by going against the traffic or slipstreaming (Drafting) with your opponent.

Going against the traffic is super useful when overtaking the opponent and is highly recommended. However, to draft, you must be extra careful of the surroundings when aligning your car with your opponent.

Building up nitro

Nitro is key to winning races and can help you during the most crucial moments in a race. Make a conscious effort to build up nitro by drifting and Drafting as mentioned above.

Managing Nitro is also key, you must save it for the crucial moments and when overtaking an opponent.

Managing heat

Heat in Need For Speed Unbound is the rating of Police pursuit towards you. The higher the heat rating you have the more aggressively the Police will pursue you.

Your heat level can range from level 1-5 and the number and types of Police vehicles that pursue depend on this level. Manage your heat levels and avoid the Police by taking sharp turns to avoid getting busted and losing money.

The Quick Route Feature

Finding a location on a new map can be a needless hassle. Finding race locations or tracking back to a nearby safe house will require you to open the map and spend time finding the exact spot. This is especially irritating when being chased by the Police.

The Quick Route feature is an easy solution, simply press the button shown on the top right of your HUD. You will now be presented with racing options or the route to a nearby safe house

Finding Gas Stations

Gas stations can be found all across the map, in a bright blue color. These stations will repair your car as you drive through them. It is best to determine the locations of a few of these stations to help you out during missions, races, or police pursuits.

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