How To Earn Money Fast In NFS Unbound

Earning money to increase your budget is the number one priority of any NFS player. You start the game with...

Earning money to increase your budget is the number one priority of any NFS player. You start the game with a low-price Stater Car and enhance its loadouts and attachments to make it into a dream car.

What makes NFS Unbound different from other games in the franchise is that the car you select before the Prologue will be the one you will be purchasing at the end of the game. If you choose the Lambo then you must grind your way to purchase that car in the end.

In this guide, we will be showing you a few methods to earn money in Need for Speed Unbound.

How to make money fast in NFS Unbound

Play Online Mode and Complete Races

Playing Online and earning cash is by far the easiest way to farm money in NFS Unbound. All you have to do is start the online mode and compete in races to earn a cash bond.

With each race having some sort of cash associated with it, scoring a good finish will earn you even more cash than just competing in the race.

Meetup to win prizes

Meetup is another way to earn some cash in the game. Meetup is a single-player feature that allows you to go underground and meet other street racers to put the money on the line and win a good amount of cash for winning races.


Each meetup will allow you to set up races, take part in the race and explore the depths of Lakeshore City.

Use Side Bets

In addition to Meetups, you can even place side bets on different cars and earn a little extra cash while not being the one in the race. Although the cash isn’t as much as it sounds, it’s a fun way to spectate the match and at the end win a cash prize.

Complete Side Missions

Occasionally you’ll be asked to participate in side missions to earn a decent amount of cash. Whenever the prompt appears, make sure to Accept it and make some side money from side missions.

Complete Challenges

In the menu section, you’ll be given a list of challenges that are either completed or incomplete. Taking part in these challenges will earn you up to $25,000-$35,000. Therefore, do not skip the challenges in NFS Unbound.

Find collectibles

There are several collectibles scattered all around the city of Lakeshore. You can collect them to earn one-time cash in the game and then move on to the next objective.

Let the cops chase you

Escaping the cops will surprisingly grant you a reasonable amount of cash. This is not a feature added to the game but instead is a glitch.

As of now, it has worked for several NFS players online and you can follow the same pattern to earn $250 for one escape until the developers decide to fix this glitch.

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