Next Hellblade 2 Trailer Ready, But Not Showing Until Next Event

The next Hellblade 2 trailer is apparently ready, according to a leaker on Twitter, but there's no indication of a show date.

One of the most distinctive events at last year’s Game Awards was the reveal of Hellblade 2, complete with a trailer that showed how the game would supposedly look on the Xbox Series X. Now, a leaker on Twitter has claimed the next Hellblade 2 trailer is finished, but not releasing yet.

The leaker in question, named King Ragnar, doesn’t know the date, and instead says that the trailer being shown depends on the next Xbox event. While Microsoft has given no indication that another showcase of Xbox Series X games will be coming, they may make an exception for Hellblade and whatever other games they didn’t show off during the summer.

While Microsoft has showed less of a commitment to exclusivity over Playstation, they still have a number of games that will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X and the PC, and Hellblade 2 will be one of them. Turnabout is also fair play, however, as the original Hellblade was a Playstation 4 game and was released to the Xbox One a year after release.

We don’t know what’s actually in the next Hellblade 2 trailer, but we may end up getting more information on the story and possibly even some gameplay from it. Of course, that depends on whether the leaker is telling the truth and that a new trailer actually is done.

There hasn’t been any indication of when Hellblade 2 will be releasing, but considering the Series X is supposed to be coming out in roughly a month (November 10), it stands to reason that Microsoft will want to start promoting some of the games that will be launching along with it.

Hopefully the Hellblade 2 trailer that’s supposedly coming will succeed in getting as much hype as possible, considering how positive the original game’s reception was. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft is actually going to have a final showcase before the Series X (and Series S) release.

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