Next Bungie Game To Feature Competitive PvP, Esports, Live Updates

Bungie has been working on a new unannounced game with seemingly the same ambitions to create a new franchise akin to Destiny.

Bungie has understandingly been working on a new unannounced game with seemingly the same ambitions to create a new franchise akin to Destiny.

According to a series of new job listings spotted earlier today, the next Bungie game will place a large focus on competitive multiplayer aspects. That covers both player-versus-player (PvP) and esports mechanics to “provide strategic depth and opportunities for counterplay.”

Furthermore, Bungie intends to keep the multiplayer environment fresh by rolling out live updates across all supported platforms, which reasons if the developer wants to sustain a healthy, balanced competitive community in the long run.

Previous job listings have suggested the in-development Bungie project to be a role-playing game with weapons and armor, as well as having “comedic, lighthearted and whimsical characters.”

There have also been mentions of tools for content creators and support for expansive social systems, both of which lie in the same vein of promoting a competitive or esports-worthy multiplayer experience.

It should be noted that multiplayer has always been a forte of Bungie. Destiny 2 was birthed with similar intentions but which got watered down along the way. The developer tried to adjust the PvP to be more competitive based on player-feedback but those changes only resulted in further balancing woes.

Suffice to say, Bungie took home a lot of crucial experience from Destiny 2 and whatever the developer has been working on for a while will benefit from that said experience. Whether a free-to-play model is preferred from the start though remains to be seen.

Bungie will continue its hiring spree for years to come since a potential release has been slated around 2025 at the earliest. That hence should calm fans who might be expecting an announcement relatively soon. The only things to take away right now is that the developer will continue to support Destiny 2 while working on its new game on the sides.

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