New Xbox One Update Offers Accessibility In Streaming, Shopping and Avatars

Xbox One Update features streaming pretty much everything along with shopping cart options and new avatar moods and props.

To add more to the convenience of the users, Xbox One update has introduced several key modifications. The fresh update has been given features to back the user with additional benefits. Firstly, pretty much everything can be broadcasted live by the users. Moreover, the store has been updated for easiness in shopping features. The avatar store has also been upgraded with extra elements.

Now you will be able to stream whatever you’re doing on your console even if the playing game is switched. The Xbox One update lets you broadcast console activity through “Mixer”. Previously, if a game was switched to Home Screen the broadcast stopped but now it would continue to stream. Even the dashboard will be broadcasted but still, not everything. The High-Efficiency Video Coding apps like Youtube, Netflix or iPlayer won’t be able to be streamed in the Xbox One update. Privacy for other data like email can also be set for streaming in the new Xbox One Update.

After having the latest Xbox One update users can also relish the all-new feature of the shopping cart. The selected items were directly bought before, however, now they’ll simply add up on the shopping cart. Even the option to “Save For Later” is available. Users can create their Wishlist of items.

Furthermore, Microsoft is at work for new Xbox Avatars. The new Avatar store includes premium items along with the newly added props and moods. These Avatar from the latest Xbox One update are however incompatible with the older ones. But worry not they offer a wide range of customizable options. Still, it is your choice to keep the old ones or try the new ones out.

Previous updates featured “do not disturb” and schedules themes. Check out the May updates for Xbox One till more news is released.

Source: EuroGamer

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