New Xbox One Projects Rumored To Be Fable, Perfect Dark, Forza Horizon

A recent rumor about new Xbox One projects is hinting that we'll be seeing new Fable, Perfect Dark, and Forza Horizon games soon.

A variety of new Xbox One projects are rumored to be on the way in the future, including a new Fable game, a new Perfect Dark game, and a new Forza Horizon game. While Forza Horizon got a game back in 2016, Fable and Perfect Dark have been more in doubt.

The rumors started on the website Resetera, and came from an insider that had previously correctly predicted what sorts of games would be showing up at E3 2016.

Fable’s original developer, Lionhead Studios, was shuttered back in 2016, leading to the cancellation of the MMO Fable Legends and for all intents and purposes leading to the death of the series, which had been inevitable for a while after a number of mediocre games had put its future in doubt. Fable’s entire series was marred by creator and Lionhead Studios head Peter Molyneux, whose constantly grandiose promises repeatedly disappointed players.

The Perfect Dark games had had a similar experience. While it was originally released on the Nintendo 64, it eventually got ported to the Xbox 360 in 2010. Before then, in 2005, a sequel called Perfect Dark Zero was released onto the Xbox 360. Despite the games getting solid critical reception, however, we haven’t seen anything about it since aside from the Perfect Dark games being added to the “Rare Replay” collection.

If the new Xbox One projects are going to be related to Fable, Perfect Dark, and Forza Horizon, then that’s at least two good series that have the potential to be redone in a way that makes them popular again.

While we don’t know anything really about these new Xbox One projects for the moment, or even if they’re true, the possibility of getting new Fable or Perfect Dark games is at least something that Xbox gamers can look forward to, especially if whatever developers they’re given to end up keeping what’s good about them while fixing what’s bad.


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