New Xbox One Experience Preview Adds More Fans This Weekend

Microsoft is adding new members to the new Xbox One experience preview program on this weekend!

Very recently we reported on how Microsoft was cutting down the number of preview program members that will now be allowed to test the Xbox One updates before they release. However, with the New Xbox One Experience, more fans are going to be added for previewing this weekend.

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson has announced that in order to expand on the limited number of people that were invited a few weeks ago, they will be letting some new users to start testing now.

As we’ve been doing for almost two years, we’re sharing early builds with our fans, so that they can try out and provide input on new features. We welcomed a limited group of preview members into an early peek at the reimagined Xbox One a few weeks ago. This weekend, we’ll be inviting in more. If you’ve enrolled to receive the new Xbox One experience preview, keep an eye out for the build on your console.

Parallel to this, it was also confirmed by Larry that the Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 has also been updated and now it has a host of new features that the beta users are going to be able to try out.

If you are signed up for the New Xbox One Experience preview program you should be checking your emails right away!

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